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Softail Harley Davidson workshop manuals

The term softail means motorbikes and bikes that function a concealed back suspension system system with springs or surprise absorbers to soak up bumps. Your message "softail" is a subscribed trademark of Harley-Davidson motorbikes, coined with the launch of the FXST

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FLSTN Heritage Special Nostalgia Softail * Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer Softail * Harley-Davidson FXST Softail * Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train * Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail * Harley-Davidson FXSTF Springer Softail * Harley-Davidson FXSTS Springer Softail * Harley-Davidson FXSTSB Softail Bad Boy Contents: * QUICK REFERENCE DATA * GENERAL INFORMATION Manual organization / Notes cautions and warnings / Safety first / Service hints / Serial numbers / Parts replacement / Torque specifications / Fasteners / RTV gasket sealant / Threadlock / Gasket remover / Expendable supplies / Basic hand tools / Test equipment / Precision measuring tools / Cleaning solvent / Other special tools / Mechanic's tips / Ball bearing replacement / Oil seals / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Testing electrical components / Emergency troubleshooting / Engine noises / Electrical problems / Excessive vibration / Specifications * PERIODIC LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Routine safety checks / Maintenance schedule intervals / Periodic lubrication / Engine oil and filter change / oil tank flushing / Transmission oil chaneg / Front fork oil change much more info

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FLSTC / FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic (2006 - 2010) * FLSTC / FLSTCI Shrine (2006 - 2010) * FLSTF / FLSTFI Fat Boy (2006 - 2010) * FLSTC FLSTF /FLSTFI Shrine (2006 - 2010) * FLSTFB Softail Fat Boy Lo (2010) * FLSTFSE2 Screamin' Eagle Fat Boy (2006) * FLSTN / FLSTNI Softail Deluxe (2006 - 2010) * FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones (2008 - 2010) * FLSTSC / FLSTSCI Softail Springer Classic (2006 - 2007) * FLSTSE Softail CVO Convertible (2010) * FXCW Softail Rocker (2008 - 2009) * FXCWC Softail Rocker Custom (2008 - 2010) * FXST / FXSTI Softail Standard (2006 - 2009) * FXSTB / FXSTBI Night Train (2006 - 2009) * FXSTC Softail Custom (2007 - 2010) * FXSTD / FXSTDI Softail Duece (2006 - 2007) * FXSTS / FXSTSI Springer Softail (2006) * FXSTSSE Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer (2007) * FXSTSSE2 Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer (2008) * FXSTSSE3 Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer (2009) * The injectors / Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor / Throttle position (TP) sensor / Idle air control (IAC) / Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor / Engine temperature (ET) sensor / Bank angle (BAS) sensor / Oxygen (O2) sensor / Evaporative emission control system / Specifications * ELECTRICAL information

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the following models: * FLS 103 Softail Slim (2012 - 2016) * FLSS 110 Softail Slim (2016) * FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic (2011) * FLSTC 103 Heritage Softail Classic (2012 - 2016) * FLSTC ANV Heritage Softail Classic 110th Anniversary Edition (2013) * FLSTF Fat Boy (2011) * FLSTF Fat Boy 103 (2012 - 2016) * FLSTF Fat Boy Lo 103 (2012 - 2016) * FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo (2011) * FLSTFB ANV Fat Boy Lo 110th Anniversary Edition (2013) * FLSTFB 103 Fat Boy Lo (2012 - 2016) * FLSTFB 103 ANV Fat Boy Lo 110th Anniversary Edition (2013) * FLSTFBS 110 Fat Boy Lo (2016) * FLSTN Softail Deluxe (2011) * FLSTN 103 Softail Deluxe (2012 - 2016) * FLSTNSE CVO Softail Deluxe (2014) * FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones (2011) * FTSTSE2 CVO Softail Convertible (2011) * FTSTSE3 CVO Softail Convertible (2012) * FXCWC Rocker C (2011) * FXS 103 Blackline (2012-2013) * FXSB 103 Softail Breakout (2014 - 2016) * Speedometer / Indicator lamp assembly / Ignition switch / Tachometer / Automatic compression release solenoid / Switches / Horn / Electrical panel / Turn signal and security modules / Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) / Relays / Electrical connector service / Specifications * WHEELS HUBS AND TYRES click the link

The term softail means motorbikes and bikes that function a concealed back suspension system system with springs or surprise absorbers to soak up bumps. Softail motorbikes provide the look of getting a hard-tail or rigid frame, normally using shock absorbers or springs beneath the bike and regarding see.

Your message "softail" is a subscribed trademark of Harley-Davidson motorbikes, coined with the launch of the FXST Softail in 1984. Ever since then, your message features extended to incorporate other motorcycles with hidden rear suspensions as well as bicycles integrating a rear suspension.
In 1901, 20-year-old William S. Harley drew up projects for a little engine with a displacement of 7.07 cubic inches and four-inch flywheels. The system was designed for use within a typical pedal-bicycle frame. Over the after that two years, Harley along with his childhood friend Arthur Davidson worked on their particular motor-bicycle utilising the northside Milwaukee device shop during the residence of the friend, Henry Melk. It had been done in 1903 with the aid of Arthur's sibling, Walter Davidson. Upon testing their power-cycle, Harley therefore the Davidson brothers discover they not able to climb up the mountains around Milwaukee without pedal aid. They quickly wrote down their particular first motor-bicycle as a valuable discovering research.

Efforts straight away started on an innovative new and improved second-generation device. This first "real" Harley-Davidson motorcycle had a more impressive engine of 24.74 cubic ins with 9.75 ins flywheels weighing 28 pound. The device's advanced level loop-frame structure had been much like the 1903 Milwaukee Merkel bike. The bigger system and loop-frame build took it of motorized bike group and marked the path to future motorcycle designs. The young men furthermore got help with their bigger motor from outboard motor pioneer Ole Evinrude, who was then building gasoline motors of his own build for automotive use on Milwaukee's Lake Street.

The prototype of latest loop-frame Harley-Davidson was assembled in a 10 ft × 15 ft shed in the Davidson family yard. A lot of the significant section, however, had been made somewhere else, like some probably fabricated at West Milwaukee railshops in which oldest cousin William A. Davidson was then toolroom foreman. This model device was practical by September 8, 1904, when it competed in a Milwaukee motorcycle race presented at State Fair playground. It absolutely was ridden by Edward Hildebrand and placed 4th. This is the very first reported appearance of a Harley-Davidson bike in the historical record.

In January 1905, small adverts had been positioned in the Automobile and period Trade log providing bare Harley-Davidson motors to your do-it-yourself trade. By April, total motorbikes had been in production on a really restricted basis. That seasons, initial Harley-Davidson dealership, Carl H. Lang of Chicago, sold three bikes from the five built-in the Davidson yard shed. Years later on the initial shed was taken up to the Juneau Avenue factory where it might are a symbol of many decades as a tribute into the engine organization's simple origins until it was unintentionally damaged by technicians cleaning the factory lawn in the early 1970s.

In 1906, Harley and also the Davidson brothers built their first factory on Chestnut road, on present area of Harley-Davidson's corporate headquarters. Initial Juneau Avenue plant was a 40 ft × 60 ft single-story wood structure. The company created about 50 motorbikes that year.
1907 design.
Harley-Davidson 1,000 cc HT 1916

In 1907, William S. Harley finished through the institution of Wisconsin–Madison with a qualification in mechanical manufacturing. That 12 months additional factory development came with an additional flooring and soon after with facings and improvements of Milwaukee pale yellow brick. Using newer business manufacturing risen up to 150 motorcycles in 1907. The organization is formally incorporated that September. They even started promoting their motorbikes to police departments for this time, a market which has been important to all of them from the time.

In 1907 William A. Davidson, bro to Arthur and Walter Davidson, quit their work as tool foreman when it comes to Milwaukee Road railway and joined the engine providers.

Production in 1905 and 1906 were all single-cylinder brands with 26.84 cubic inches engines. In February 1907 a prototype design with a 45-degree V-Twin motor was presented at the Chicago vehicle tv show. Although revealed and marketed, not many V-Twin versions were built between 1907 and 1910. These very first V-Twins displaced 53.68 cubic ins and created about 7 horse power. This offered over twice as much power for the very first singles. Top speeds was about 60 mph. Manufacturing hopped from 450 motorcycles in 1908 to 1,149 machines in 1909.
Harley-Davidson works in 1911

By 1911, some 150 causes of motorcycles had been already built in america – although just a handful would survive the 1910s.

In 1911, a greater V-Twin design had been launched. The latest motor had mechanically operated intake valves, as opposed to the "automatic" intake valves used on earlier V-Twins that opened by system vacuum cleaner. With a displacement of 49.48 cubic inches, the 1911 V-Twin was smaller than earlier twins, but offered better overall performance. After 1913 most bikes created by Harley-Davidson is V-Twin brands.

In 1912, Harley-Davidson introduced their patented "Ful-Floteing Seat", which was suspended by a coil spring inside the chair pipe. The spring stress could possibly be adjusted to accommodate the rider's body weight. Over 3 inches of vacation is available. Harley-Davidson would incorporate seats with this means until 1958.

By 1913, the yellow brick factory was in fact demolished as well as on the website a 5-story framework was indeed built. Begun in 1910, the factory having its many additions would take-up two blocks along Juneau opportunity and just about to happen on 38th Street. Despite the competition, Harley-Davidson had been pulling before Indian and would take over motorcycle racing after 1914. Manufacturing that 12 months swelled to 16,284 devices.

In Harley-Davidson motorbikes, the softail framework is made to appear to be the rigid frame bicycles of the past, while nevertheless offering the convenience of back suspension. The surprise absorbers are put over the axis of the motorcycle, tucked away underneath the transmission on versions from 1984 to 2017 and underneath the chair on 2018 models.
2011 Harley-Davidson FLSTFB Softail Fat Child Lo
2008 Harley Davidson FXSTC Softail Customized
Harley Davidson Fat child 2018 FLFBS 114 ci
Harley Davidson Softail Slim 2018

There has been many Harley-Davidson versions using the Softail frame, such as the Softail Standard, Customized, Springer Softail, Heritage Softail, Heritage Springer, Night Train, luxurious, Deuce, Fat man, Softail Slim, the Dark Customized Cross Bones, the deep Customized Blackline and Breakout. With the exception of the Deuce, which has a 2 inches anchor stretch, these motorbikes have a similar engine, transmission and frame and differ primarily into the choice of hand, wheels and accessories.
Front forks

The Softail design line have included a number of choices in-front hand configurations. Typically, obtained in addition offered the Springer trusted link forks being reminiscent of the sprung front-ends that have been made use of before the introduction for the Hydra-Glide in 1949. The FXST designation can be used for 21" front-wheel bicycles or as soon as the Springer hand is used with a 21 inch wheel, as the FLST designation is employed for 16" Front Wheel Bikes or whenever Springer hand is used with a 16 inch wheel.

The Softail products would not have rubber-mounted engines. This generated additional vibration in Evolution-engined Softails than in rubber-mounted Touring or Dyna brands with advancement motors. To pay with this, later on systems made use of a counterbalanced type of the Twin Cam engine as opposed to the regular Twin Cam system utilized in the Touring and Dyna models. The Twin Cam ended up being later on replaced by a variant regarding the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine for 2018 design season.

Bill Davis, a devoted Harley driver and professional from St. Louis, Mo. created the softail inside mid-1970s. His very first build, that he labored on in 1974 and 1975, have a cantilever swingarm pivoted in the bottom and sprung at the top utilizing the springs and surprise absorber hidden underneath the seat. Upon training his design, Davis built a prototype based on their 1972 Super Glide. Davis patented their design and contacted Willie G. Davidson, arranging a meeting in August 1976. Davidson is impressed, but made no obligations. Davidson responded six months later, saying that company would not be able to use the look during the time but is nevertheless contemplating it.

Davis continuing to build up the look, switching the pivot in addition to springing points around so the springs and surprise absorber had been under the frame together with pivot aim is at the top of the triangular swingarm. This let the traditional Harley-Davidson oil container becoming placed under the chair. Davis experimented with build the new design independently as the Road Worx Sub-Shock, however the partnership he had built for this specific purpose collapsed. Harley-Davidson government Jeffrey Bleustein called Davis soon later and started negotiations purchase Davis's build. Davis offered his patents, prototype, and tooling to Harley-Davidson in January 1982. After more screening and developing, Davis's build had been launched in June 1983 whilst the 1984 Harley-Davidson FXST Softail.

In April 1980, Harley-Davidson begun focus on a unique back suspension build that could have the look of a hard-tail bike. The job was presented with a minimal priority until later on in the year it absolutely was utilized in Jim Haubert manufacturing, a strong that Harley-Davidson contracted yearly to bespoke build motorcycles and prototypes. Haubert built a prototype utilizing his own back suspension design that closely used the appearance of the sooner Harley rigid structures. This version ended up being complete sufficient for review by Harley-Davidson in January 1981.

In 2017, Harley launched a totally redesigned Softail frame for 2018 model year, the very first big changes because the introduction associated with the Twin Cam engine in 2000. The 2018 Softail framework makes use of a differently formed swingarm suspended by an individual back shock absorber, attached undermeath the seat in a similar fashion into the initial Haubert and Davis design. Harley promises your newer framework is dramatically stiffer and lighter compared to the previous-generation Softail and Dyna systems, the latter which ended up being stopped with of the brands being carried to this new Softail framework.

a motorcycle suspension system program, comprising

a bike main frame, said motorcycle main-frame creating a primary hanger an additional hanger, said earliest and 2nd hangers being essentially level and synchronous, stated earliest hanger having a primary lug, and said second hanger creating a second lug, said first lug possess a primary hole defined therein, stated second lug creating an extra hole defined therein, stated earliest opening and stated 2nd gap determining a primary pivot axis;

a pivoting assembly, said pivoting system comprising a forward case bracket, a back case bracket, an atmosphere case and a swing arm, said pivoting system being proudly located between said first hanger and said 2nd hanger of stated bike main-frame;

stated move arm having a first side another part, stated first side and stated second side being disposed in a parallel relationship and achieving a higher support and a reduced assistance to keep said synchronous partnership, stated first part and said 2nd part becoming really level, said very first part creating an initial manager, stated very first boss being proudly located medially between stated top help and stated reduced support, and said second side creating an additional supervisor, said 2nd supervisor being medially situated between said top support and stated lower support, said earliest supervisor creating an opening defined therein, and said second employer creating a gap defined therein, said holes in said very first boss and said 2nd supervisor defining a fourth pivot axis therebetween, said 4th pivot axis being located co-incident with said very first pivot axis, permitting said swing supply to pivotably move around in an arcuate way, stated first part and said second side being disposed between stated first hanger and said 2nd hanger of said main-frame;

stated front case bracket having a frame connect pad, stated frame connect pad attaching said front case bracket to said motorcycle main-frame, stated forward case bracket having a third pivot axis defined therein, said 3rd pivot axis becoming co-incident with said earliest pivot axis placement stated front case bracket, said front case bracket is put in said rear bag bracket;

stated rear case bracket being attached to a-swing supply mount, stated move arm mount being attached with said reduced support of said swing arm, stated rear case bracket creating another pivot axis defined therein, said 2nd pivot axis being co-incident with said first and third pivot axes, and allowing stated rear case bracket to pivot thereabout, said rear bag bracket try pivotably attached inside said move supply;

stated air case becoming made from an elastomeric material being attached to stated forward bag bracket and stated rear case bracket, and achieving the characteristics of a suspension system springtime under compressive and extensive loading problems;

a shock absorber, stated surprise absorber being attached to said bike main-frame and mounted on said rear case bracket and said move supply mount found on said move arm, damping the relative motions of said move arm and said back bag bracket;

stated move arm pivots in an arcuate manner around said fourth pivot axis, said rear bag bracket will pivot about stated second pivot axis compression or extending stated air bag, said shock absorber will expand or compress damping the general movement of this swing supply

said air bag being proudly located between stated forward bag bracket and stated back case bracket, said air case having way to inflate and deflate; and

a-swing arm axis pipe, stated move arm axis pipe being inserted through said first gap in said very first lug and stated second gap in said 2nd lug of said first and said second hanger, stated opening in said earliest employer of said first side of said swing arm, said gap in said second boss of said second part of said move supply, a 3rd gap and a fourth hole of said back case bracket, and a fifth gap and a 6th opening of stated front bag bracket, correcting said front case bracket and allowing stated rear bag bracket and said move arm to pivotably move, said swing arm axis pipe becoming fixed positioned by a pivot bolt and a lock washer found on each side of stated swing arm axis pipe.

2. The motorcycle suspension system of claim 1, more comprising;

said front bag bracket becoming attached with said motorcycle main-frame, stated forward bag bracket having a third flange and a 4th flange, stated 3rd flange and stated 4th flange becoming disposed in a synchronous relationship, a primary connect online is disposed between said third flange and said fourth flange maintaining the synchronous commitment between stated 3rd flange and said 4th flange, said first attach internet providing architectural stability to said forward bag bracket, said third flange creating said 5th hole defined therein, and said 4th flange creating stated sixth opening defined therein, a forward case axis pipe, stated front bag axis tube being mounted on said 3rd flange and stated fourth flange and communicating with stated 5th hole and stated sixth gap, said fifth hole and said sixth opening determining said third pivot axis, said third pivot axis being located co-incident with said first pivot axis, stated forward bag axis pipe also providing help for stated third flange and said fourth flange; and

stated rear bag bracket having a primary flange an additional flange, said earliest flange and stated 2nd flange being disposed in a parallel union, an extra connect internet try disposed around said first flange and said 2nd flange keeping the synchronous relationship between stated first flange and stated 2nd flange, stated second connect online offering architectural security to said rear case bracket, stated first flange having said third hole defined therein, stated 2nd flange creating stated fourth hole defined thereon, stated initially flange having a third boss, said 3rd employer defining a 7th opening therein, said 7th gap communicating with said 3rd hole, said second flange having a fourth employer defined thereon, stated 4th manager defining a 8th opening therein, stated 8th hole chatting with said fourth gap, said third gap, said fourth opening, stated seventh hole, and stated eighth hole determining said 2nd pivot axis, said 2nd pivot axis being proudly located co-incident with said earliest pivot axis and said 3rd pivot axis, said third flange and said 4th flange of said forward bag bracket becoming disposed in stated earliest flange and said second flange of said rear case bracket, stated earliest flange and 2nd flange becoming disposed between stated first part and stated second side of said swing supply, said third boss bearing against said earliest side of stated swing supply, said fourth employer bearing against said 2nd side of said move arm.

3. The bike suspension system program of claim 1 wherein said environment bag means for inflating and deflating are by a driver of the bike while fixed, or while in movement.

4. The bike suspension system system of claim 3 wherein said means for inflating and deflating stated airbag was a driver managed atmosphere compressor, said environment compressor being attached to stated motorcycle main-frame.

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