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Landcruiser 60 series workshop manual

The Land Cruiser 60 series ended up being produced from 1980 through 1990 for many areas although Cumana Plant in Venezuela continuing until 1992 for their regional marketplace. 1980 — The 60 show had been introduced.

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four-stroke diesel Engines Covered: ● 4.0 litre "2H" 6 Cylinder OHV Indirect Injection ● 4.0 litre "12H-T" 6 Cylinder OHV Direct Injection Turbocharged ● 4.2 litre "1HZ" 6 Cylinder Single Over Head Camshaft ● 4.2 litre "1HD-T" 6 Cinderyl Single Over Head Camshaft Direct Turbocharged ● 4.2 litre "1HD-FT" 6 Cylinder Single Over Head Camshaft Direct Turbo 24v. Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations routine maintenance electrical schematics repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregorys manuals are based on an actual vehicle disassembly and are researched and written by automotive engineers with vast experience.Gregorys workshop manuals are produced for the Australian market. These vehicle specifications may vary from those sold in other countries. Please be aware of these possible differences prior to using the data contained within.Published by Gregorys (Gregorys) click

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four and six piston models with all the body styles needed to go anywhere any time. All of these models are featured in these manuals just what you need when contemplating a trip. We have covered all the information the enthusiast needs from a grease and oil change to a full rebuild. Engines covered: B 3B 13B-T L 2L 2L-T (2446cc) H 2H (3980cc) and 12H-T (3980cc turbo). Contents: # Introduction. # Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance. # four-stroke diesel Engines: B 3B 13B-T L 2L 2L-T H 2H 12H-T. # four-stroke diesel Fuel Systems. # Lubrication System. # Radiator. # Starter and Automotive alternator System. # Turbocharger. # Clutch. # Manual gearbox: 3 Speed J30: 4 5 Speed H41 H42 H55F: 4 5 Speed G40 G52F. # Automatic gearboxs. # Transfer Systems. # Propeller Shafts. # Front Axle and springs and shock absorbers. # Rear Axle and springs and shock absorbers. # Rack and pinion. # Body. # Winch. # Air Conditioning. # Electrical. # Wipers and Washers. # Heater Unit. # Radio and Stereo Tape Player. # Instrument Clusters. # Specifications. # Wiring Diagrams.. click on


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manual covers Toyota Land Cruiser wagons utilities hardtops troop carriers and cab chassis in the FJ and RJ series built from 1969 to 1990. It includes 40s 55s 60s 70s and Bundera. All of these models are featured in these manuals just what you need when contemplating a trip. We have covered all the information the enthusiast needs from a grease and oil change to a full rebuild. It covers the following petrol fuel motors and the following transmissions: 1972cc "21R" four cylinder 1972cc "21R-C" four cylinder 2367cc "22R" four cylinder 3956cc "3F" 6 cyl 4230cc "2F" 6 cyl "J30" 3 speed manual "H41" 4 speed manual "H42" 4 speed manual "H55F" 5 speed manual "G40" 4 speed manual "G52F" 5 speed manual 3 speed automatic # Contents: Introduction. # Maintenance and Tune-Up. # Petrol motors: 2F 3F 6 piston 21R 21R-C 22R 4 piston. # Fuel Systems. # Lubrication System. # Ignition System. # Cooling System. # Starting System. # Alternator System. # Clutch. # Manual Transmission: 3 Speed J30: 4 5 Speed H41 H42 H55F: 4 5 Speed G40 G52F. # Automatic Transmissions. # Transfer Systems. # Propeller Shafts. # Front Axle and springs and shock absorbers. # Rear Axle and springs and shock more information.....

The Land Cruiser 60 series ended up being produced from 1980 through 1990 for many areas although Cumana Plant in Venezuela continuing until 1992 for their regional marketplace. It really is a front system, four home truck which could seat five to eight anyone. As with any Land Cruiser years, its dominant when you look at the off road world for its off road capabilities but ended up being somewhat restricted to their embarrassing deviation angles. The 60 series was available in here solid external colors: Alpine light, Brown, Desert Beige, Freeborn Red, Royal azure; and in these metallic external colors: Charcoal Gray, Cognac, Gray-Blue, Rootbeer, Sky Blue, Stardust Silver.

1980 — The 60 show had been introduced. While nonetheless keeping the tough off road characteristics of past Land Cruisers, the 60 was designed to best contend into the rising athletics utility automobile market. The 60 was handed multiple conveniences like ac, a rear heater and an upgraded internal. The FJ60's "2F" petrol engine ended up being remaining unchanged from "40" show while six-cylinder 4.0 L 2H and four-cylinder 3.4 L 3B diesel engines had been put into the item range.
1981 – Land Cruiser marketing surpassed 1 million and a high-roof version was introduced. The 60 series was introduced to South Africa whenever an inventory Land Cruiser competed in the Toyota 1000 kilometer wilderness competition inside punishing wilds of Botswana.
1984 – this is the ultimate season for 40 series.
1984 – Alongside the 60 series, the 70 show had been introduced.
1985 – The Direct-injection 12H-T turbodiesel system is introduced.
1988 – The petrol engine had been enhanced to a 4.0 L 3F-E EFI engine. The FJ62G VX-Series had been introduced permitting the Land Cruiser becoming marketed in Japan as a passenger automobile.

Initial vehicle we ever drove was a 60 series. White, manual, diesel that I am able to however remember therefore clearly today.

It was huge, heavy, taken care of like crap, but would not break and had been forgiving for some body simply determining just what a clutch was. It had been my mothers however it ended up beingn’t long until I owned my own. It’s time for you pay homage the this 1980’s offroading marvel.

It was 1980 and the word ‘SUV’ was becoming something. Animal conveniences like air cooling and power steering had been becoming a requirement, not an expensive extra. It was an actual turning point for Landcruiser.

It’s elderly brothers are designed with ease of use and offroad potential in your mind and absolutely nothing more. The 60 series Landcruiser provided us the initial glimpse of offroad sacrifices meant to offer on-road driving convenience.

These days this can be more extreme, and you can’t blame Toyota. We’d become not likely to own a Landcruiser nowadays if they didn’t adapt. The last offroading dinosaur the defender is gone. Although the 60 show Landcruiser did begin an alteration, in addition it gave us ‘that’ engine.
The timeline associated with 60 show

1980 ended up being the very first 12 months for the 60 series and after a million marketing the following seasons, a high roofing had been introduced to offer the ability for the seventh and 8th or 9th passenger inside extremely back a tad bit more area.

It had been in 1985 that the 60 show was many remembered. The year the 12H-T turbodiesel stumbled on town. Some individuals rates while the most readily useful motor Toyota ever made plus the distinct noise associated with engine and turbo prompted the expression the whistling 60.

You’ll only pay a couple of grand for a 60 series nowadays, but a good 12H-T 60 series will command significantly more than a turbo diesel 80 and sometimes a lot more than a 100 show. That’s how iconic this little system was. And it’s probably fair offered a million km’s is a proper chance.

There was clearly somewhat renovation in 1988. which an easy task to tell utilizing the double rectangle lighting regarding the front side in the place of round. The petrol furthermore moved from carburetor to fuel injection.

1989 had been the last 12 months for the 60. Nonetheless it is a pretty amazing a decade run.
Landcruiser 60 Show Specs
Human Anatomy:

It was the generation that Toyotas totally release their Jeep heritage, and I’m happy they did. Sill easy however with a few more curves this four-door wagon is easy to tell apart.

Style: 4 home truck.
Length: 4,675 mm
Circumference: 1,800 mm
Level: 1,750 mm / 1950mm
Wheelbase: 2,730mm
Seating: 5, 6, 8 or 9
Pulling ability 2500 pounds
Surface Clearance – 225mm
Kerb Fat – 2290kg
GVM – 2960kg

Brake System:

Not great, yet not terrible may be the only way I'm able to describe the brakes on a 60. If you’ve have the diesel and manual it’s likely that great, you’ll never ever see while you’ll make use of the brilliance of system stopping to simply help. The handbrake though sucks on all-land cruisers really in order for’s something you’ll become permanently tweaking.

Font – Disc
Backside – Drum


It was the very last generation of leaf springs into the Landcruiser wagon. Leafs are reliable and predictable, but no place almost as comfortable or as flexible / customisable while the coil springtime setup based in the 80 and beyond. There are lots of mods you made for more carry and flex nevertheless the compromise you’ll make tend to be more apparent. Greater you are going with a 60, the faster you’ll get desiring coils – which some being converted to.

Forward – Semi-Elliptic Leaf Springs
Back – Semi-Elliptic Leaf Springs


Old 60s are likely to have the four-speed guide, although latter H55F 5 speeds gives you that additional equipment on the highway. The 4-speed car arrived in around 85, and they are fine with either the turbo diesel or perhaps the petrol, but could be slightly sluggish on the non-turbo option. These gearboxes were entirely over designed when it comes to energy of these partnered engines. A well looked after gearbox will outlast your engine typically.

4-speed manual
5-speed handbook
4-speed automobile


There have been a couple of changes through the 60 series generation let’s speak about the petrol motors first

2F 4.2: This arrived in with from the older versions and sat in certain of this early 60s. Carby, 100KW and completely good for offroad.
3F 4.0L: it was a little bit of one step up in power and torque. Close potential off road, you’ll notice an improvement on path when compared to the 2F.
3F-E 4.0L In later design 60s you’ll discover EFI model of the 3F plus the most useful petrol engine you’ll get in a 60 for on roadway and down. These were best around for a few years therefore may be difficult to find.
3B 3.4L this is never ever offered in Australian Continent regarding the 60 but is offered for a while they South America. It’s a 4cyl diesel inherited from its predecessors and not all that practical on an a big and hefty 60.

Plus the diesel options from the 60.

2H 4.0L: the most popular, non-turbo diesel motor your’ll find that might constantly feeling just a little underpowered but will hardly ever disappoint you. You will observe a lot of 2H turbo’s but this can be always an aftermarket customization
12H-T 4.0L: I’ve currently discussed this engine turbo diesel option. an expense worth turbocharged direct injections diesel system with 100kw and lots of torque when you need it. A straightforward but for enough time effective motor you merely couldn’t break

Transfer case:

All 60 series Landcruisers came with a high and low range transfer case and guide securing hubs. The mid to belated models though dropped the second gear lever for reasonable and large number in favour of machine selector. For dependability the amount is the greatest solution and went back to that particular because of the 100 series.
Landcruiser 60 Show brands

Through history of Landcruiser there has been a couple of one off’s and times of absence, but they’ve always return to the exact same pair of products

Grams and GX
They're your standard versions with minimum number of alternatives

Somewhat ‘better’ than the grams and GX. This is a more impressive action and whilst they keeps the bottom design axioms it'll have a few more comforts.

The VX is without question the Sahara with few qualities. It has alway already been the design I’ve leaned towards.

Most of the features. Like some extremely unusual ones like airconditioned center system. Seating and time is nicer while’re almost certainly going to get the turbo diesel system, but there’s an abundance of old electronics that may be a pain while they ageing.
Significant and desirable choices
Handbook diff hair

The 60 show performedn’t turn out with LSD differential and traction controls ended up being a few designs off. The easiest method to change the offroad potential of a 60 is a put in lockers. Most of those are aftermarket environment locker, nonetheless there are many rare models having a cable managed diff lock. Expect to pay a lot more than a complete vehicles for a group though if you can see them.
PTO winch

Some 60’s was included with a PTO winch. As far as winches go they a lot more trustworthy versus electric winches you see of many 4×4. They work through gearbox in the place of a power motor.
Purchasing a 60 show Landcruiser – right here’s a few things to give some thought to

I might manage a more formal purchasing guidelines for a 60 show in the future then there are many issues need certainly to believe about…

It’s a vintage automobile, with old features
It'll be noisy traveling
It'll be uncomfortable if you don't change the chairs
Many has the fundamentals like air con/power steering but there’s not some type of computer to be found
It'll manage like a bus and even worse in the event that you raise they
In the event that you’re always pretty quickly, you certainly will hate these vehicles
Safety has arrived a lengthy long way because these 60’s had been revealed
These cars are becoming old and section are receiving more difficult discover.

In the event that you’re a lover you’ll still get the components you may need, but off the shelf, it’s not that common to see 60 series equipment. There’s a lot of add-ons nevertheless, but once more, that’s maybe not where in actuality the big guys are interested in.
Corrosion and abuse would be the two biggest killers of 60 show

Whenever you’re viewing a 60, you will need to choose rust. It’s a classic vehicle therefore expect to have to fix some, but lots these days most are beyond the aim of restoration. If you see rust, believe truth be told there 3 times that you can’t read. Gutters and wheel arches will be the destination to see. There’s a number of processes for finding bog over steel.
You certainly will spend a fortune for one variation and little for anything else.

In the event that you’re shopping for a 60, you’ll rapidly realize that there are versions 4 occasions more expensive than all remainder – possibly even more. These is always 12ht turbo systems. There’s lots of motor swaps which were done so in the event that you’re likely to step up for a 12ht, I’d be ensuring it was that from that factory. Following this peak in cost, anything drops pretty greatly. You'll grab a decent 60 pretty cheaply.
Beware the import.

Many of the 60’s your’ll see on the market become imports from Japan – whilst this is certainly fine for the majority of, the largest huge difference is the fact that the import design has actually 24-volt energy over 12-volt in Australian delivered systems. In cases like this you’ll require 24 to 12-volt converters for some aftermarket equipment and usable energy outlets. You’ll also provide more of a challenge changing things like the alternator. Maybe not show stoppers yet still an additional thing to considering that will generally influence the price just a little.
Bear in mind you're purchasing a 30-year-old+ automobile

These vehicles had been create to final, and performed. That why you continue to see them around and several for sale. Nevertheless should realize that whilst many 30-year-olds vehicles become gone, we were holding nevertheless of this era. Anticipate 30-year-old tech brake system, chairs and safety services combined with the dependability supplied on these cars and you ought to be fine.

Nissan Patrol 60 Series versus. Toyota LandCruiser 50 & 60 show.

Round 1 spotted basic styling and performance from both Nissan and Toyota. Both manufacturers are finding their feet in the 4WD stakes as well as the Patrol and LandCruiser were yet to-break the shackles of these army traditions. The 60 show Patrol is 1st automobile to mix the Simpson wilderness after a series of land-rover failures while LandCruisers are being used to have around the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric system.

- Winner: Draw

Nissan Patrol 160 Series versus. Toyota LandCruiser 60 & 70 Series.

Round 2 and both cars had been beginning to use the type of the four-wheel drives we push these days. Lost were the Jeep like grills and tank-like interiors as the manufacturers began to insert a little benefits and functionality. Toyota launched the 70 Series - classic styling that continues these days. The newest 6 cylinder diesel engines began to create LandCruisers character as solid and trustworthy performers. Nissan finally realised that 4x4's recommended a rear restricted slide differential as standard equipment while both providers developed a turbo billing system because of their engines - helping to push these larger difficult beasts along in a somewhat more enthusiastic fashion.

- Winner: Toyota

Nissan Patrol Y60 Show vs. Toyota LandCruiser 70 & 80 Series.

Round 3 and Nissan started using it's work together and created the GQ Patrol while Toyota moved completely countless 80 Series wagons. The 80 show turned out to be a magnificent vendor however it had been Nissan who stole the show with brand-new coil sprung suspension that delivered an infinitely more luxurious ride. Neither the Patrol or 'Cruiser had been great city automobiles, both tend to be heavy lumbering beasts that battle to cover-up their particular vehicle like ways. The Y60 gets our vote because it proved that a kidney transplant was not needed after a weekend of rock-bashing and given that it assured much better what to come with internal improvements much more inline with a passenger automobile.

- Champion: Nissan

Patrol Y62 GU vs. LandCruiser 70 & 100 Series

Round 4 is difficult because both marques dug their particular pumps in and created great off road vehicles. The 100 series 'Cruiser obtained a bagful of business awards whilst the GU Patrol attained the enviable trustworthiness of getting the strongest driveline available. Both rigs produced packages of power and cruised the highways or perhaps the bush with ease. These 4x4's will tow a train or rise over an elephant and though the LandCruiser edged ahead technologically the 6 cylinder turbo Patrol had been under-developed and could be modified to produced huge horse power.

- Champion: Draw

Patrol Y62 vs. LandCruiser 70 & 200 show

Round 5 as well as the brand-new Patrol Y62 has actually a 5.6-litre V8, a seven-speed automatic and an interior that seems like it should be in today's European deluxe car. With many digital and technical improvements it's some sort of aside from previous Patrols. The 200 show LandCruiser possess continuing building on the enviable reputation of earlier products however it appears like this new Patrol will probably provide a real shake up. Time will choose whom wins that one.

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