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Jeep repair workshop manual

1st Jeep Cherokee, established in 1974, had been merely a two-door form of the Jeep Wagoneer. All Cherokees for North American sale were made in Toledo, Ohio, no matter generation; later on Cherokees were also made overseas. 1976 Jeep range 2nd generation Jeep

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Other Jeep 4WD Repair Manuals click here NEW softcover Jeep Cherokee Wagoneer Comanche 1984 - 2001 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers: the Jeep Cherokee Wagoneer Comanche. Does NOT include Grand Wagoneer or Diesel Engined variants. Engines Covered: ● 2.5 Litre (150ci) 4 cylinder petrol ● 2.8 Litre (171ci) V6 petrol ● 4.0 Litre (243ci) 6 cylinder petrol Transmissions described: ● AX 4/5 BA10/5 and NV3550 5 Speed Manual ● 3 Speed and 4 Speed Automatic Contents: ● Introductory pages About this manual; Introduction to the Jeep cherokee Wagoneer and Comanche; Vehicle identification numbers; Buying parts; Maintenance techniques tools and working facilities; Jacking and towing; Booster battery (jump) starting; Automotive chemicals and lubricants; Conversion factors; Fraction/decimal/millimeter equivalents; Safety first!; Body ● Chassis Electrical System ● Wiring Diagrams NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions. Inside this manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating related info


transmissions.Engines Covered:* F-head four-cylinder engine* L-head four-cylinder engine* In-line six-cylinder engine* V6 engine* V8 engine* 151 cu. in. four-cylinder engine* 150 cu. in. four-cylinder engineContents:* Introductory PagesAbout this Manual; Introduction to the Jeep CJ; General Dimensions; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Tune-up and Routine Maintenance* General Engine Overhaul Procedures* 151 cu in 4 Cylinder Engine* 150 cu in 4 Cylinder Engine all In-Line 6 Cylinder Engine* V8 Engine* F L-Head F-Head Cylinder Engine* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning* Fuel and Exhaust Systems* Engine Electrical Systems* Emissions Control Systems* Manual Transmission* Automatic Transmission* Transfer Case* Driveline* Brakes* Chassis Electrical System* Wiring Diagrams* Suspension and Steering Systems* BodyNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions. click the link

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Repair Manuals click here NEW softcover USA published manual for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 - 2004 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers: ● All models except Diesel. Engines Covered: ● 4.0 litre (242 cubic inches) 6 Cylinder ● 4.7-litre (287 cubic inches) OHC V8 ● 5.2 litre (318 cubic inches) Pushrod V8 ● 5.9 litre (360 cubic inches) pushrod V8 Transmissions Covered: ● 5 Speed Manual Transmission A variety of Automatic Transmissions depending on engine fitted. Note: The manual recommends that all transmission overhaul and repair be carried out by a transmission specialist. Contents: ● Tune Up and Routine Maintenance ● Six Cylinder Engines ● 5.2 litre and 5.9 litre V8 Engines ● 4.7 litre V8 Engine ● General Engine Overhaul Procedures ● Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning ● Fuel and control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and wiring diagrams. Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and illustrations guide you through every job from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete more.....

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this Manual; Introduction to the Jeep Liberty; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting - Tune-up and Routine Maintenance - 2.4 litre four-cylinder DOHC engine - 3.7 litre V6 SOHC engine - General Engine Overhaul Procedures - Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning - Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Engine Electrical Systems - Emissions Control Systems - Manual Transmission - Automatic Transmission - Transfer Case - Clutch Driveline - Brakes - Suspension and Steering Systems - Body - Chassis Electrical System - Wiring Diagrams NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment and minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for transmissions more data

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5-speed manual ● BA 10/5 5-speed manual ● NV3550 5-speed manual ● NSG370 6-speed manual ● 3-speed automatic ● 42RLE 4-speed automatic Contents: ● Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Jeep Wrangler; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting ● Tune-up and Routine Maintenance ● 4 Cylinder Engines ● 4.2 litre 4.0 litre 6 Cylinder Engines ● General Engine Overhaul Procedures ● Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning ● Fuel and Exhaust Systems ● Engine Electrical Systems ● Emissions Control Systems ● Manual Transmission ● Automatic Transmission ● Transfer Case can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and illustrations guide you through every job from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. more data

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Maintenance techniques. Chemical and lubricants and more.* Tune-up and routine maintenance* 3.7 litre V6 4.7 litre V8 engines* 5.7 litre V8 6.1 litre V8 Hemi engines* General engine overhaul procedures* Cooling heating and air-conditioning systems* Fuel and exhaust systems* Engine electrical systems* Emissions control systems* Automatic transmission*Transfer case* Driveline* Brakes* Suspension and steering systems* Body* Chassis electrical system* Wiring diagrams click here.....

1st Jeep Cherokee, established in 1974, had been merely a two-door form of the Jeep Wagoneer. In 1977, the Jeep Cherokee, nevertheless a low-end version of the Wagoneer, is offered with both two and four doorways.

All Cherokees for North American sale were made in Toledo, Ohio, no matter generation; later on Cherokees were also made overseas.

1976 Jeep range
2nd generation Jeep Cherokee

uniframeAfter ten years, a unique and very different Cherokee was presented, which may revolutionize American SUVs. This new Jeep Cherokee have a shorter wheelbase versus initial, and a reduced size - seven and 21 ins respectively - helping it to test in at a svelte 3,100 pounds, a lot of pounds less than the Wagoneer-based model, across the same pounds as a Plymouth Valiant. The newest Cherokee had been more economical, and easier to-drive both off and on road. Once again, both two and four home systems had been offered; a pickup version called the Comanche is constructed on similar assembly line.

In-front, a multilink front suspension with a track club and coil springs is put, with recirculating basketball steering; traditional leaf springs organized a corner.

The coil website link suspension system, a form of which stays from the Wrangler, let the Jeep to possess better wheel vacation, while maintaining an interestingly close crushed clearance under all conditions. The suspension, assailed by experts as “outdated” for years, led to a ride those same experts loved — company however punishing, with close cornering, good off-roadability, and a feel that remaining motorists experience refreshed after a long journey.

quadra-link suspension system

The upper angled arms limit the horizontal movement regarding the axle when you look at the car, due to the track club, by attempting to develop a three-link program, however with rubber bushings, the end result try minimized but progressive given that axle experiences its jounce-to-rebound travel. It’s this that triggers the assymetrical control and braking regarding the XJ, MJ, ZJ, and WJ — Bob Sheaves.

half viewDownsides associated with the five-link suspension had been asymmetrical braking and steering, explained in Evan Boberg’s book. Suspension system engineer Bob Sheaves blogged that there is no chance to eliminate these problems in a five-link design; “You can push the consequence around within the overall performance envelope, you can raise or lower the speeds where in fact the motorist loses control over the automobile, you can lessen the effects within one region. ... An independent program, a 4 connect, even a 3 website link won't have this matter. They are doing posses more dilemmas, not the explanation for ‘death wobble’ and also the brake system pulling the course of automobile out from the intended route.”

At peace, an unbiased forward suspension can match the static height of a coil link axle. But a coil link axle stays a constant distance in commitment toward wheel; the axle moves using suspension system; while, with separate front suspensions, the differential was fixed toward body; to make certain that, whenever a wheel journeys during jounce and rebound, the entire vehicle was nearer to the bottom. Therefore, a coil connect suspension with “less” crushed clearance may have an increased “effective floor clearance” in real driving compared to most “modern” suspension system means used in the subsequent Jeep freedom.

The 1984 Cherokee would be instantly recognizable these days, combining the top wheel well flares, boxy shape, and general look of the last 2001 model additionally the new Jeep Patriot and Commander. The inside ended up being simple and useful, and fit four in convenience. There have been three trim levels - base, Pioneer, and main.

1989 jeep comancheThe base system ended up being Jeep's very own 2.5 liter four-cylinder, as well as the recommended motor had been a 2.8 liter Buick V6. Both are carbureted, with one and two barrels respectively, creating 105 and 115 horse power. A four-speed handbook transmission is standard, with an optional five speed guide and three-speed automatic for V6 versions. A Wagoneer variation included standard full-time four wheel drive.

In addition to the suspension, the Cherokee is put apart because of the four wheel drive program. Command-Trac had been a conventional part-time system, but it had a shift-on-the-fly feature in a period whenever many people had to stop to improve to four wheel drive; Selec-Trac had been a full-time four-wheel drive system that don't destroy the tires too rapidly on dried out roads. A two wheel drive version was also offered, as was a diesel utilizing a Renault motor; the diesel had been dropped by 1988. While the Cherokee diesel system ended up being, based on Bob Sheaves, “advanced when it comes to time, a great performer, affordable, thrifty, and inexpensive” as an alternative, the marketplace overlooked it.

One interesting aspect of the Cherokee, according to Evan Boberg in Common feeling Not Required, ended up being the power steering force — they started out typical, grew up to an extremely higher level by an engineer just who looked for to remove the “catch-up” condition common to any or all vehicles with power steering, and ended up being later on cut back down after an unusual amount of failures. There was also a condition in 1989 as soon as the Cherokee pulled, since the wrong caster is specified by one department; this is also fixed later.

The XJ Cherokee in addition included amber rear turn indicators, an oil stress gauge, and, inspite of the floor approval, a relatively reduced roofing and cargo bay height. As soon as the XJ Cherokees arrived on the scene as 1984 versions, they were sporting a length of about 10" lower than a K-car, with four doors and, in 1983, 71.2 cubic legs of cargo capability because of the rear chair straight down. In 1987, they altered to 71.8, coinciding using the firewall adaptation which will make area for inline 6 engine, theoretically cutting into interior room, but AMC achieved it well and got more area for cargo inside..

1988 jeep cherokeeIn 1985, a 2.1 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel ended up being included; two-wheel drive is made available; while the Wagoneer got Limited trim.

In 1986, the 2.5 liter engine attained gasoline injection, thumping capacity to 117 horse power and easing beginning and general process, without fuel useage penalty. An innovative new off-road package with bigger tires, skid plates, an increasing suspension system, and a 4:10 equipment proportion has also been included.

As Evan Boberg mentioned in his guide, good sense not necessary, the Cherokee additionally had been a winner from the beginning since it was really the only four-door SUV in the marketplace whenever launched. The development of the four liter system in 1987 turned it into a performance car too, and marketing continued to be powerful.

The four liter engine have for ages been under building at AMC, and ended up being depending closely regarding the successful newer 2.5 liter four-cylinder. It offered 170 in the beginning, and had been quickly boosted to 177 hp, making acceleration faster than most cars, and enabling 5,000 weight to-be towed.

Sharing section with all the Cherokee/Wagoneer XJ body had been the Jeep Comanche, a light pickup using optional Command-Trac four-wheel drive system that could shift at any rate. They had a typical six foot bed, with a seven leg longer sleep recommended; towing capacity was raised in 1988 to 1,475 lbs. Early-model XJ and MJ systems could have a Peugeot diesel; a metric-ton payload package was available on the Comanche until 1990, with durable U-joints and propshaft, Dana 44 rear axle, and heavy weight brakes. The base motor from the Comanche was the four-cylinder, stronger than some other compact pickup engine; however the four liter six has also been available, making the Comanche quick without a doubt.

4.0 liter engienEvan also proposed the success of the Cherokee led Chrysler purchasing AMC from Renault. Certainly it was a lone bright area in an otherwise battling providers; the Wrangler ended up being attempting to sell at a steady if low volume, but the Renault-based vehicles had been experiencing insufficient profits much like the earlier, heavier four-wheel-drive AMC cars.
Adjustment on Jeep Cherokee

Furthermore in 1987, a new automated had been included, supplying four speeds and digital control, which allowed energy and benefits modes. The four rate manual was finally fallen, together with the diesel. The restricted arrived, using the six cylinder engine and Selec-Trac four-wheel drive, and of course fabric and various de rigeur deluxe items.

Beginning in 1988, components were gradually changed, in an attempt to boost reliability; this procedure continued through to the 1994 model year, the initial for the all-Chrysler interiors and components. The activity also found its way to 1988.

Four-wheel antilock brake system had been added in 1989; unlike competitors’, they worked even in four wheel drive versions.

1989 jeep tech

For 1990, Cherokee included a fresh optional expense console, latest colors, three-point chair devices regarding the straight back seating, and a standard AM/FM digitally tuned stereo. The 2.5 liter engine stayed at 121 hp, 141 lb-ft; the straight-six at 177 hp, 224 lb-ft.

In 1991, the four cylinder was given numerous point fuel injections - really the only non-turbocharged four-cylinder at Chrysler to get it - to give 130 horse power; the six cylinder is enhanced the same way, and from now on forced out 190 hp with 225 pound-feet of torque. The Pioneer disappeared additionally the temporary Briarwood showed up. By 1992, only the base design might have the four-cylinder.

In 1993, Chrysler rationalized the Cherokee, dropping all nevertheless the base, Sport, and Country products, and included sequential multiple-port injection to your 2.5 liter motor, increasing fuel useage. 1994 brought non-CFC ac refrigerant, best roof crush opposition, and side-door beams for influence coverage; the beds base model had been rebranded SE. In 1995, a driver’s airbag is added.

In 1996, the engines had been made quieter and offered considerably usable torque with a number of air course changes; the Selec-Trac system is enhanced; OBD II on-board diagnostics had been added; the powertrain control component moved to the JTEC system; and an innovative returnless fuel offer system, first-seen regarding the Neon, was setup. For 2000, some modifications had been built to the layouts and exterior look; and extended-life headlamps which were brighter as compared to 1999 headlamps.

The Jeep Wrangler was a compact and mid-size four-wheel drive off-road vehicle manufactured by Jeep, currently in its third generation.

The Wrangler try perhaps an indirect development from the World War II Willys MB through the Willys civilian Jeeps of the mid-1940s through 1980s which were made by Kaiser-Jeep and also by American Motors Corporation. Neither AMC nor Chrysler has advertised that the Wrangler is a primary descendant of this initial army model.

Outwardly resembling the Jeep CJ-7, the Wrangler, which was formally launched in February 1986 in the 1986 Chicago car Show, ended up being predicated on a unique group of build parameters. "The product philosophy behind both cars" François Castaing explained, "is very different". Similar to the Willys MB and Jeep CJ, Wranglers continue using a separate human anatomy and framework, rigid solid axles both front side and back, a fold-flat windshield, and can become driven without doorways. But its suspension, drivetrain, and inside are borrowed through the newer Cherokee design.

The Wrangler premiered in 1986 as a new model after discontinuance regarding the famous Jeep CJ show. It absolutely was modified in 1996, and totally redesigned in 2006. Aside from the design name Wrangler, each design received a designation equivalent to their generation: YJ, TJ, TJU's, JKU and JK. International army models for the Wrangler have actually transported the J8 designation that was at first dubbed TJL when very first created at Arab US car's Egyptian plant.

Jeep YJ systems are made between 1986 and 1995 at Brampton system, and consequently on Toledo Southern Assembly plant. A significant difference between the 1987–1995 versions were the rectangular headlights, which reverted to curved your in the TJ then JK versions. In 2006, Wrangler production was moved to Toledo hard. Post-2006 Wranglers are put aside from their predecessors by the angle of grille. Throughout past products, the grille was flat as well as using front fenders. The new Wrangler had been designed with a grille which angled out from the top, and then proceeded in a straight line from the midway point, toward the bottom. This reduced the hood length, while increasing the length of the fenders. In more current models, this perspective has-been lowered much more toward the bottom of the grille.

In Egypt, the YJ had been created and a long wheel-base version, dubbed LJ, and which has retained the 2-door design. The YJL is generally accepted as the initial forerunner regarding the JK's lengthy wheel-base by continuing as TJL with straight motivated the JK's 4-door.

There is certainly a Jeep Wrangler Pickup coming into production in 2017.
1992 Jeep YJ.JPG
Also known as Beijing-Jeep BJ 2024
Jeep Sahra
Production March 1986–December 1995
Construction Toledo, Ohio, US
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Beijing, China
Tehran, Iran
Fashion Designer Chuck Mashigan
System and chassis
Human body style 2-door convertible
2-door SUV
Relevant AIL Violent Storm I
System 2.5 L AMC 150 I4
Complete motor specs

4.0 L AMC 242 I6
Complete system specifications

4.2 L AMC 258 I6
Complete engine specs

Transmission 3-speed TorqueFlite TF904 automatic
3-speed TorqueFlite TF999 automated
5-speed Aisin AX-5 manual
5-speed Aisin AX-15 manual
5-speed Peugeot BA-10/5 handbook
Wheelbase 93.4 in
Size 1986–89: 152.6 in
1989–92: 153 in
1992–95: 151.9 in
Circumference 66 in
Level 1993–95: 71.9 in
1986–1992 soft-top: 72 in
1986–1992 hardtop: 69.6 in
Curb body weight 2,855–3,241 pound

Growth of a possible CJ7 substitution ended up being green-lighted in 1982, with manufacturing and design work commencing. After endorsement previously in 1983, one last build frost took place because of the fall of 1983, with CJ7-based mules being integrated late 1983 as well as the very first manufacturing system test prototypes when you look at the spring of 1984. By belated 1985, developing determined, since the change from pilot to show manufacturing started. In February 1986, the 1987 Jeep Wrangler was launched, entering production that March, and happening purchase on May 13, 1986.

The Jeep YJ, offered as the Wrangler in the usa, replaced the Jeep CJ in 1986 and ended up being integrated Brampton, Ontario, Canada, through to the plant shut on April 23, 1992. Manufacturing was then moved to Toledo, Ohio, with the exact same plant that produced the Willys Jeeps during globe War II.

American Motors Corporation have created the newest Jeep to be convenient on-road so as to entice much more daily drivers. It had been an entirely newer design with a wider track, slightly less floor approval, and more comfort. The YJ however had leaf spring suspension like the CJ – but the springs had been wide, and the YJs sported trackbars and swaybars for enhanced control. Despite the latest grille, the body is extremely similar to that of the CJ7, and it is interchangeable with a few big adjustments. The YJ furthermore was given a more substantial windshield throughout the CJ. The YJs are easily identifiable because of the rectangular headlights and fact that the wiper blades rest on the windshield, offering this version an exceptional search. The blades rested on windshield as a result of now wider arc of blades to clean the more expensive windshield. These two modifications are later removed whenever TJ was launched 1996. 632,231 YJs are built through model 12 months 1995, although YJs were still marketed into mid-1996, taking the total production quantity to 685,071 models. Despite its close look to the Jeep their build is brand-new through the ground up-and had most in accordance with all the new downsized Cherokee model.

The YJ put a 2.5 L AMC 150 I4 or optional 4.2 L AMC 258 I6 until 1990. Starting in 1991, a fuel-injected 180 hp 4.0 L AMC 242 variation replaced the 112 hp 4.2 L 258 CID straight-6. The NP207 transfer situation had been used limited to 1987 and changed because of the NP231.

The roll cage had been stretched in 1992 to allow for rear neck belts, and anti-lock brake system are included as an option the second 12 months. A computerized transmission choice for 4-cylinder Wranglers arrived in 1994, and a center high-mounted braking system light. In addition, in 1992, the Sahara debuted.

In 1994, the slave cylinder on manual transmissions ended up being moved outside the transmission's bellhousing to allow for convenient substitution, as well as in 1995 the Dana 30 bigger U-joints were used . When it comes to 1992 model seasons, the YJ switched to an electric speedometer, outmoding the cable speedos on elderly YJs.

There were no 1996 design season Jeep Wranglers. YJs manufactured in early 1996 are sold as 1995 design ages, but showcased a few brand new section maybe not seen on any previous YJ. This included the latest TJ bumpstops regarding the hood, reinforced tailgate hinges, many even have rear TJ bumpers. Some additionally got the recently tuned I6 that was made to operate quieter in preparation for TJ.

Top choices for YJ had been the same as those provided on TJ. a silky top with "half doorways", featuring soft plastic zipper microsoft windows came standard. Full-frame doorways with main-stream glass house windows are optional on soft-top brands. Rough tops with rear wiper and defroster are recommended, but emerged standard with full-framed doors. The YJ featured large mirrors with manually adjustable arms on half-door versions, while full-framed doors received smaller flexible mirrors with fixed hands. Based on seasons and interior shade, Jeeps could possibly be have using the top colors in black, white, tan and gray. Roll-bar padding typically paired top colors, apart from white tops.

In 1990, development of a successor into the YJ began in Chrysler's "Jeep-Truck Engineering Pre-Program" division under Bob Sheaves and TJ system manager, Craig Winn. Mules on the basis of the YJ had been built from 1990 to 1993, when formal approval was presented with for TJ development regimen at a $260 million budget. From 1991 to 1992 designers worked at the newer Chrysler Technical Center, creating on various build proposals. In late 1992, Michael Santoro's TJ proposition is picked by Tom Gale, Lee Iacocca, and executive control. In-may 1993, today with manufacturing and provider feedback, Santoro's last Wrangler production build was frozen at 32 period before initial installation. Verification prototypes utilizing manufacturing figures were built from early 1994 and tested through belated 1995. As YJ production stopped in December 1995, the very last pre-production TJ examples are assembled, with start of series of manufacturing in January 1996.

Revealed on January 2, 1996, on 1996 Detroit Auto Show as an early 1997 design seasons introduction, the TJ ended up being an evolutionary upgrade. They later found its way to Jeep showrooms in April 1996, after 6 years of overall financial investment and 36 period production development period.

This updated Wrangler showcased a coil-spring suspension system for best trip and maneuvering, and a come back to the classic CJ's round headlamps. The system is the same 4.0 L AMC 242 Straight-6 found in the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. A 2.5 L AMC 150 Inline-4 motor was available on entry-level brands until 2002. The 2.4 L DOHC 4-cylinder system previously used on the Chrysler PT Cruiser changed it for 2003.

The right hand drive version of the TJ is available for export areas, and has also been provided on the market to U.S. outlying route postal companies. The variation provided to U.S. postal providers was only offered with a computerized transmission.
an altered 98 TJ offroading in Alaska

In 1998, the gasoline container became standard at 19 U.S. gallons capacity. There have been some modifications between the 2002 and 2003 many years. From 1996 to 2002, the medial side home mirrors had been black metal framed mirrors; and from 2003 to 2006 these people were plastic shaped mirrors. The fit of difficult and smooth tops try a little various, in addition to fabric and colors offered altered from 2001 to 2003. In 2002, the 3-speed automatic transmission ended up being changed with a 4-speed automatic with overdrive. The overdrive may be switched off with a dash turn. The radio bezels went from a rectangle in 2002 to a rounded-edged rectangle for 2003. The sound bar in is changed to seem pods. The inside chairs additionally altered build, supposed from a rounder model to 1 with a distinct separation between back and headrest areas. The standard skid plate has also been revised for 2003 to help make space the Rubicon's bigger NV241OR transfer case. The change through the 30/32RH to your 42RLE additionally gained another skid plate.

This form of the Wrangler can also be significant if you are the last production automobile to utilize AMC-related parts. The AMC Straight-4 system ended up being resigned after the 2006 model year, and both AMC Straight-6 motor plus the door handles had been retired in addition to this generation in 2006. Like YJ Wrangler, the TJ Wrangler utilized the AMC traveler vehicle door handles plus the bigger home manages from the AMC-built Jeep CJ for higher-end systems.
Trim amounts

United states TJ/Wranglers are for sale in the following standard trims.

SE: 1997–2006 designs emerged traditional with all the 2.5 L from 1996–2002 manufacturing, and the 2.4 L from 2002–2006 production. The 4.0 L optional for 2005–2006. Standard features included an AM/FM stereo with two speakers, plastic seats, and back detachable bench chair. This model was also available as a right-hand-drive rural mail provider model, which included right-hand-drive and a flip-out forward screen for simple mail shipping.
X: 2002–2006 products came standard with 4.0 L but with no Dana 44 rear axle choice. Standard functions included an AM/FM stereo with cassette athlete and four speakers but air cooling is recommended.
Recreation: 1997–2006 designs arrived standard with 4.0 L plus the Dana 35 backside axle. The Dana 44 rear axle, 3.73 axle proportion, and 30" wheel and tire team become optional. The Dana 44 is also upgraded with a Trac-Lok limited slide differential case. Standard qualities had been an AM/FM stereo with cassette player and four speakers and cloth seating.
Sahara: 1997–2004 products arrived standard with 4.0 L, larger human anatomy coloured fender flares, human anatomy colored rocker sills, optional 30-inch wheel and tire team and full metallic doors. The Sahara additionally features unique decals, seating and trim. The Dana 44 rear axle and 3.73 axle ratio were optional. Standard services included an AM/FM stereo with cassette athlete and four speakers, premium cloth seating, and alloy wheels. From 1996–2002 manufacturing, the chairs are complete in a distinctive Camel/Forest Green color scheme.
60th Anniversary version: 2001 model year came standard with all the popular features of a Sahara with the exception of the chairs, decals and trim. In addition it included the fog lamp and tow hook team, CD player with five-speaker speakers, air-con and special 60th Anniversary Edition decals and floors mats. Really the only two choices are accelerate controls and dual tops. Only two colors are offered, black or silverstone metallic. Best 4,067 were created; 1,862 in black colored, 2,205 in silverstone.
65th Anniversary Edition: 2006 design 12 months came standard with the choices of a Sahara but without the rocker sills, seating, decals and trim. Additionally included fog lamps, CD player with 7 speaker speakers and Sirius Satellite Radio, SunRider smooth top, 30" wheels with 15" Alcoa aluminum wheels, questionable gas charged shocks, Dana 44 backside axle and unique 65th Anniversary Edition seating, cut, floor mats and decals. The available colors are light khaki, dark khaki, bright silver, black colored and Jeep Green. Only about 1600 were made.
Apex version: 2002–2003 model many years came traditional using the 4.0 L, CD player with 7 presenter audio system, and unique hood decal and chairs. It best came in three colors silver, blue, or black colored. In addition it included standard functions like chrome-plated fashioned metal wheels and cognac-finished "Ultra-Hide" seats.
Columbia version: 2004 design 12 months emerged traditional aided by the 4.0 L, fog lamps, and graphite fender flares, 15-inch graphite coated aluminum rims, two-tone seats with Columbia logo design, unique trim and Columbia decals. It just came in five colors black, brilliant silver, flame-red, solar yellowish or partiot blue. Each one of the unique jeeps was included with a Columbia Bugaboo parka.
Freedom Edition: 2003 design many years emerged traditional with all the 4.0 L, full steel doorways, fog lamp and tow hook team, human body colored fender flares, unique decals, chrome tires air cooling, anti-theft system, and fold and tumble back seat. They just arrived in four colors red, gold, blue or black with either vinyl or cloth record grey chairs.
Fantastic Eagle: 2006 design years arrived standard utilizing the 4.0 L, 30" Wheel and tire team, Dana 44 back axle, exclusive bonnet, internal trim, chairs, fender and extra tire decals.
Rocky hill Edition: 2003–2005 design many years emerged traditional utilizing the 4.0 L, Dana 44 rear axle, 30" Wheel and tire team, fog lamp and tow connect group, unique decals, fender flares, seating and interior trim and Diamond dish rocker protections. It best arrived in five colors black, silver, purple, yellowish and blue. In addition included seven premium speakers with subwoofer, and special cloth chairs.
Sahara Edition infinite Rubicon: 2005 design seasons, Paramount released the movie Sahara which showcased a Jeep Wrangler. In an effort to develop regarding the popularity of the film, Jeep introduced a limited manufacturing "Sahara version" infinite Rubicon. Only 1000 were created and every a person is numbered. They all are aesthetically identical, however were offered in a manual as well as others an automatic. All of them are Lighter Khaki Unlimiteds. Trim differences within the standard Rubicon integrate chrome grille, colors matched flares, khaki difficult top or soft top, plus recommended twin khaki tops, Graphite Moab rims, a Sahara spare tire cover, enhanced two-tone premium seats, Sahara decals, taillight guards, and a numbered dash badge.
Tomb Raider version: 2003 model seasons ended up being a restricted run of 1,001 Wrangler Rubicon "Tomb Raider" brands produced promote the Tomb Raider sequel, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of lifestyle. Together with the standard Rubicon fare, moreover it included external features such as for example 16-inch Alcoa forged aluminum tires, Tomb Raider badging, and Mopar add-ons like a light bar, riveted fender flares, tubular grille guard, diamond-plated bumper shield, etc. Internal qualities included Dark record textile seats with red accent sewing along the center, silver surround tool panel bezel, red seat devices, and a Tomb Raider badge with serial amounts. To match the vehicle when you look at the film, it absolutely was offered in Bright gold. Because of its classic styling, coupled with many special add-ons, the 2003 "Tomb Raider" restricted Edition Wrangler Rubicon has grown to become probably the most very collectible jeeps of all-time.
Willys Edition: 2004–2005 model many years arrived standard aided by the 4.0 L, fog lamp and tow hook team, exclusive "WILLYS" decals, CD player with 7 speaker sound system, body-color fender flares, green diamond plate rocker protections, camouflage chairs, dark-green smooth top and full size free tire with matching wheel. It absolutely was best available in moss-green. Just about 1000 were produced in 2004. A variation of this edition known as the 35X bundle, included anything except the armed forces logos and recommended moss-green fog light covers and tail light guards.

Stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Rubicon: The Wrangler Rubicon had been launched during summer of 2002. They showcased front and back atmosphere actuated locking Dana 44 axles with the Rock-Trac NV241 4:1 proportion transfer case, diamond plate rocker panels, 16-inch alloy rims, and Goodyear MTR P245/75-R16 tires. From 2003 and 2004 featured a standard brand new endeavor Gear NV3550 five-speed manual transmission, which altered in 2004 to your NSG370, a Mercedes-sourced six-speed. The optional 42RLE four-speed automatic transmission was offered by 2003 to 2006.

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2019 Jeep® Cherokee - Discover New Adventures In Style

The 2019 Jeep® Cherokee takes the authenticity and craftsmanship of traditional Jeep Brand design and reimagines it for modern adventure. New, improved LED Headlamps and taillamps, coupled with new wheel designs and premium exterior convenience features, evolve Cherokee styling while holding true to its renowned roots.

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The Cherokee was a rebadged reintroduction of a two-door body style Jeep Wagoneer, with a redesigned greenhouse that eliminated the car's C-pillar.Instead the Cherokee sported a much wider D-pillar and a single, long fixed rear side window with an optional flip-out section.

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Jeep has been an iconic & legendary 4x4 sport utility vehicle for the past 70 years. Explore the Jeep SUV & Crossover lineup. Go anywhere, do anything.

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The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is a small crossover SUV offered in five main trim levels. The Latitude is the base trim, and the Latitude Plus adds premium equipment, but you have to go up to the Limited ...

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Unlike most compact crossovers and SUVs, the 2019 Jeep Cherokee is actually capable of heading off the beaten path. While the majority will be limited to family excursions and work-week traffic ...

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The Jeep Cherokee gets a midcycle refresh for the 2019 model year, adding more advanced technology features and a new available engine. Though these changes improve the Cherokee, they aren't enough to nudge it out of the bottom half of our compact SUV rankings. You should buy the Jeep Cherokee if ...