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The Hilux going manufacturing in March 1968 as the RN10 in short-wheelbase form with a 1. In April 1969, a long-wheelbase version ended up being added to the range. Notwithstanding the name "Hilux", it had been an extravagance automobile only when set

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Toyota 2L 3L 5L engine factory workshop and repair manual download on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zip File size 21 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Introduction Engine Starting Charging Preparation Service Specifications Diagnostics Engine Mechanical Emission Control Engine Fuel Cooling Lubrication Electronic Control The 2L is a 2.4 L (2 446 cc) 4-cylinder diesel engine. Bore is 92 mm and stroke is 92 mm with a compression ratios of around 22.3:1 and redline of 4800 rpm. Outputs range from 76 to 87 hp (57 to 65 kW) and torque of 15.8–16.8 kg·m (155–165 N·m). The 3L is a 2.8 L (2779 cc) four-cylinder diesel engine. Bore is 96 mm and stroke is 96 mm with a compression ratio of 22.2 : 1. Output is 91 hp (68 kW) gross at here

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on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zipFile size 35 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks.TOYOTA 1KZ-TE Diesel Engine Repair ManualThis manual is the complete repair manual for the 1KZ-TE engine.456 Pages of detailed Information with Images Diagrams in PDF formatThis is an engine mechanical supplement manual covering the 1KZ-T and 1KZ-TE turbo-diesel enginesCovers 4 Runner and some imported Surf models also the KZN165 series Toyota Prado HiluxThe manual covers only the engine including general maintenance and repairs problem diagnosis and rebuilding.(NOTE: It does not cover any of the ancillary systems such as fuel system transmission etc.)Chapters Index:* General Description* General Maintenance Repair* Drive belts* Intake and exhaust manifolds* Turbocharger intercooler* Rocker cover seal* Timing belt cover and pulleys* Crankshaft balancer* Cylinder head* Flywheel/Drive plate* Engine rebuild repair* Engine lots more

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Toyota 1RZ 1RZ-E 2RZ 2RZ-E engine factory workshop and repair manual download on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zip File size 21 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Introduction Engine Mechanical EFI system Fuel System Cooling System Lubrication System Ignition System Starting System Charging System Service Specifications Torgue settings SST and SSM Engine Diagonostics Emission Control Electronic Fuel Injection Cooling The 1RZ is a 2.0 L (1 998 cc) version built from 1989. Bore is 86 mm and stroke is 86 mm. The 1RZ-E is the fuel-injected version of the 1RZ. With a 9.0 to 1 compression ratio output is 101–108 hp at 5 400 rpm with 118–123 lb·ft (161–167 N·m) of torque at 2 800 rpm. The 2RZ is a 2.4 L (2 438 cc) version. Bore is 95 mm and stroke is 86 mm; a variety of combination of heads and fuel delivery systems w extra

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Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002 factory workshop and repair manual download on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . File size 17Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Engine 5VZ-FE Brakes Electrical Steering Suspension Transmission Axles Heating Diagnostics Air-Conditioning Transfer System Transmission Propeller Shaft Engine Wiring Diagrams Body Service Specs Air-Conditioning Body Mechanical Cooling Diagnostics Emission Control Lubrication Axles Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002 factory workshop and repair online download more here.....

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Toyota 22R and 22R-E engine factory workshop and repair manual on PDF can be viewed using PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . File size 18 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Covers Maintenance Engine Mechanical EFI Fuel System Cooling System Lubrication Syste Ignition System Starting System Charging System About the 22R engine The Toyota R family was a variety of straight-4 gasoline engines. Created for longitudinal use in such cars as the Celica and Hilux and in manufacturing from 1953 through 1995 use faded out as numerous of Toyota's mainstream models relocated to front-wheel drive. OHC versions featured a chain-driven camshaft mitigating the danger of internal damage from interference as in belt-driven engines. The 2-valve SOHC 2.4 L (2 366 cc) 22R was produced from 1981 through 1995.Cylinder bore was 91.9 mm (3.62 in) and stroke was 88.9 mm (3.5 in).Initial output was 97 hp (72 k more information.....

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Toyota Hilux AN10 AN20 2005-2013 factory workshop and repair manual on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zip File size is large at 170 Mb with some PDF documents with bookmarks. Covers the AN10 AN20 Toyota Hilux Petrol/Gasoline engines: 2.0 L 1TR-FE 2.7 L 2TR-FE 4.0 L 1GR-FE V6 Diesel: 2.5 L 2KD-FTV turbodiesel 2.5 L 2KD-FTV intercooled turbodiesel 3.0 L 1KD-FTV intercooled VNT diesel * TGN 15-16-26 MODELS * GGN 15-25 MODELS * KUN 25-36-35-36 MODELS Toyota Hilux AN10 AN20 TGN GGN KUN factory workshop and repair manual Download click on

The Hilux going manufacturing in March 1968 as the RN10 in short-wheelbase form with a 1.5 L motor, making 77 PS in Japanese market spec, plus in Japan it had been offered at Toyota Japan dealership retail chains called Toyota shop and Toyopet shop. The customization towards engine ended up being sufficient for a claimed 130 km/h top speed. This was upgraded to a 1.6 L inline-four engine in February 1971.

In April 1969, a long-wheelbase version ended up being added to the range. The short-wheelbase variation also continuing in manufacturing for most most many years. The long-wheelbase variation was not obsessed about the North American markets until 1972, enabling the Datsun vehicle to steadfastly keep up a strong marketplace existence. The Hilux is offered as an alternative into Toyota Crown, Toyota Corona, and Toyota Corona level II based trucks in Japan, given that Crown, Corona, and Corona Mark II had been repositioned as traveler sedans.

Notwithstanding the name "Hilux", it had been an extravagance automobile only when set alongside the Stout. The Hilux is engineered and assembled by Hino engines to displace the sooner vehicle that Hilux ended up being based on, called the Briska within the niche beneath the larger and older Stout – it replaced the Stout totally in a few markets. For North American market, the only real human body style ended up being an everyday cab short bed and all sorts of are rear-wheel drive. It made use of a typical vehicle setup of A-arms and coil springs in the front and a live axle with leaf springs in back once again. A four-speed handbook transmission had been standard.

The Toyota Hilux try a series of light commercial vehicles produced and advertised by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. The majority of these vehicles are offered as pickup or cab chassis variants although they might be configured in a variety of human body types. Most countries utilized the Hilux name for the whole lifetime of the show however in united states, the Hilux title had been retired in 1976 in favor of vehicle, Pickup Truck, or lightweight vehicle. In North America the most popular alternative bundle, the SR5, was colloquially used as a model name for the truck, even though the option package was also used on various other Toyota designs like 1972 to 1979 Corolla. In 1984, the Toyota Trekker, the camper type of the Hilux, ended up being rebranded as the 4Runner in Australian Continent and the united states, and as the Hilux browse in Japan. In 1995, Toyota introduced a brand new pickup design, the Tacoma in the united states, discontinuing the Hilux/Pickup indeed there. The 4Runner is currently a full SUV, as well as the more recent versions cannot resemble the Tacoma.

In-may 1972, the 1973 design seasons Hilux was released once the RN20. Nicknamed the "ロケハイ  a Portmanteau of Rocket Hilux", an even more comfortable indoor had been specified alongside external changes. A 2.25 m "long bed" is an option for the first time in united states, although such a version was indeed available worldwide since April 1969. This gotten the "RN25" chassis code. The 2.0 liter 18R system is obtainable in Japan and, in addition with an available three-speed automated transmission. The 2.0-litre automated only managed a 136.1 km/h top rate in a period of time South African road test, notwithstanding a claimed 89 kW.

The Hilux had been radically redesigned in 1975 is larger in accordance with increased standard gear. In united states the newest variation additionally suggested the introduction of the dramatically bigger 20R engine as well as the SR5 upscale trim package. A five-speed guide transmission became recommended. In the united states, the Hilux name was completely phased out in favor of "Truck" by that seasons, creating become fallen from literature and marketing starting in 1973. Some us motor-coach producers began creating Toyota motor-homes with this particular framework

The redesigned Hilux is launched in August 1978, with a 4WD variant introduced in Jan 1979. The 4WD variant – not offered with any engines smaller compared to the two-litre "18R" – featured some common tech utilizing the larger Toyota Land Cruiser. Creation of the four-wheel drives stopped in July 1983, however some 2WD variants continuing in parallel with all the next generation. The L-series diesel system ended up being offered regarding 2WD alternatives from September 1979 therefore the 4WD variants in March 1983. In Japan, the Hilux was joined with all the new Toyota MasterAce, revealing burden holding obligations, and sold at Toyota shop stores alongside the Hilux.
Toyota Hilux 2-door

In North America the Hilux saw the utilization of four-wheel drive. It have an excellent front side axle and leaf suspension. The human body spotted a redesign that included solitary round headlights and a less complex human anatomy. This new 4WD setup showcased a gear driven RF1A transfer situation. This transfer case is unique for the reason that its low-range reduction part is replicated, using just what some relate to as a dual or triple transfer circumstances. This results in a much reduced total gear ratio. It absolutely was 1st Hilux readily available with an automatic transmission.

In 1981 a vehicle developing contract was founded between Toyota, Winnebago sectors as well as 2 various other aftermarket customizers. It was to permit Toyota to enter the SUV markets in North America. The vehicles which lead out of this collaboration are the Trekker, Wolverine, and Trailblazer. All three made use of the Hilux 4×4 RV taxi and chassis, and an all-fiberglass rear area. There have been at least 1,500 Trekkers, 400 Trailblazers and an unknown wide range of Wolverines marketed in North America. Analysis and developing work with the Trekker resulted in the development of the 4Runner/Hilux browse, that was revealed in 1984.

Toward the termination of the SR5's production run, Toyota launched the true luxury Mojave when it comes to United States markets as a limited-production model with alternatives unavailable on any other Toyota pickup. Record priced at US$8,308, they showcased bucket chairs, two-speaker multiplex radio, chrome front side and back bumpers, and no Toyota logo design on either the grille or tailgate. Cruise control, power steering, and air cooling are recommended. It absolutely was run on the SR5's standard 2.4 L inline four.

The August 1983 redesign launched the Xtracab offered taxi choice, with six inches of room behind the chair for in-cab space. These "1984" designs held across carbureted 22R motor while model year 1984 also spotted the introduction of the fuel inserted 22R-E. Two diesel machines had been furthermore supplied, the 2L additionally the turbocharged 2L-T. The diesels had been discontinued when you look at the U.S. following the 1986 model 12 months, this was because greater efficiency expectations from customers and wide option of inexpensive gasoline. Another year saw the development of a turbocharged choice, the 22R-TE, perhaps considering increasing competition from Nissan whom currently provided a V6 truck at this time. The solid front side axle is swapped out for an unbiased front suspension/torsion club setup into the 4×4 design in 1986, and recommended automatic differential disconnect when it comes to front differential and a digital transfer situation is added besides. A V6 engine ended up being introduced in 1988. The Hilux-based 4Runner which made their entry in Australian Continent, the united states and great britain is according to this generation Hilux; in some more areas, such as for example Japan, it had been known as the Hilux search.

Toyota launched a new generation regarding the Hilux in many areas in belated 1988 nevertheless the 4th generation stayed in manufacturing until 1997 in Southern Africa. Toyota states this is because South African "material laws" which managed to get inexpensive to continue to create the fourth generation Hilux, versus to retool the plant the 5th generation.

The second redesign, in 1988, produced a longer-wheelbase choice, 3,099 mm versus 2,616 mm for regular wheelbase. Their single-piece cargo-box walls eradicated the rust-prone seams that have been present earlier in the day models. The V6 Xtracab SR5 acquired Motor Trend mag's vehicle of the Year award that seasons. The Xtra Cabs today showcased most space behind the front chairs versus last generation which allowed optional jump-seats for back passengers, an element more consistent with competition of the time.

In 1991, United states manufacturing began in the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California, nevertheless some trucks offered in the us during the 91–95 design many years remained manufactured in Japan.

The Hilux obtained a small renovation in 1991, that has been a minor grille modification together with brand-new Toyota emblem that were recently followed.

It was during this generation that Toyota discontinued the Hilux in the United States, changing it using the latest Tacoma the 1995 model seasons.


1988–1995: 1.8 L 2Y-U I4, 58 kW at 5,000rpm 140 N·m at 3,200rpm
1988–1995: 1.8 L 2Y I4, 61 kW at 4,800rpm 140 N·m at 2,800rpm
1989–1997: 2.4 L 22R-E SOHC EFI I4, 84 kW at 4,600 rpm and 192 N·m at 3,400 rpm
1989–1995: 3.0 L 3VZ-E V6, 112 kW at 4,800 rpm
1989–1997: 2.4 L 2L-II diesel I4, 66 kW at 4,200 rpm and 167 N·m at 2,400 rpm
2.8 L 3L diesel I4, 67 kW at 4,000 rpm and 188 N·m at 2,400 rpm

Volkswagen built and advertised all of them in Volkswagen Taro name from February 1989 to March 1997.

This generation marketed in Thailand while the Toyota Hilux Mighty-X.

For selling in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, the Hilux had been stated in Colombia from 1994 to 1998 because of the SOFASA organization. For business in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, the Hilux is manufactured in Argentina from 1997 through 2005. For sales in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru, the Hilux ended up being imported from factories in Japan from 1989 to 1997.

South American markets:

solitary cab framework
single taxi long sleep
xtra taxi
crew taxi


1998–2001 2.0 L 1RZ-E 8 Valve SOHC I4
1998–1999 3.0 L 5L diesel I4, 72 kW
1995–2004 2.4 L 2RZ-FE 16-valve DOHC I4, 106 kW
1995–2004 2.7 L 3RZ-FE 16-valve DOHC I4, 112 kW
1995–2004 3.4 L 5VZ-FE 24-valve DOHC V6, 142 kW

The Hilux was manufactured in Colombia for purchases in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador from 1998 to 2005 because of the SOFASA company. In Venezuela and Ecuador, the single-cab 2WD chassis/long bed is known as the Stout II). For deals in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, it was imported from Japan from 1998 through 2004. This design was not offered in Argentina or Brazil because the fifth-generation Hilux had got a redesign and upgrade.

South US areas:

single cab chassis
single cab longer sleep
crew taxi

Toyota moved production through the Hilux Mighty-X into the Hilux Tiger in the late 1990s and made it the global export hub. The Thailand-made Hilux Tiger went through these versions:

1998–1999: Hilux Tiger using 3.0 L 5L motor
2000–2001: Hilux Tiger aided by the 3.0 L 5L-E EFI system
2001: Hilux Tiger with 1KZ motor
Belated 2001 – late 2004: Hilux Tiger SportCruiser with D4D system

In 2005, Toyota stopped creation of the Hilux vehicle when it comes to Japanese market. It was the very last generation Hilux is for sale in Japan.

The 7th generation Hilux, the main IMV plan, going production in Thailand during August 2004. Three pickup truck human body variations had been initially produced: a two-door solitary taxi, a two-door Xtra Cab, and four-door dual taxi. In September 2008, Toyota introduced the practical taxi, a four-door with hidden back committing suicide doors. The IMV plan additionally produced the Toyota Innova minivan and Toyota Fortuner SUV. The close Toyota Tacoma vehicle, launched in February 2004 the 2005 model 12 months, will be based upon the 4Runner chassis, although the AN10/AN20/AN30 Hilux trips on an revamped version of the ladder framework available on earlier versions. The Hilux increasing in size after which became classified as a mid-size pick up.

Hilux models sold in Asian, European, center Eastern, and Oceanian areas are designed and put together in Thailand. In Thailand, the vehicle is called the Hilux Vigo, or Vigo. For other European areas and South Africa, the Hilux is created in Durban, South Africa. By December 2009, it's the best-selling automobile in South Africa. Those marketed in South America are available in Argentina, just like the prior generation Hilux. However, the machines are designed in Japan instead of Argentina.

In Malaysia, the Hilux is obtainable in 2.5 L aided by the option of solitary cab or dual taxi. The two fold taxi model have an automatic transmission variant. It uses exactly the same system as other Asian countries, however machines found in Malaysia differ inside their optimum result of 75 kW at 3600 rpm and maximum torque of 260 N·m at 1600–2400 rpm.

In Singapore, the Hilux can be acquired as an individual taxi with the 2.5 L engine or a two fold cab with the 3.0 L engine. Notable fleet consumers incorporate exclusive taxi providers, for who the dual taxi design grants further burden room flexibility, and the Singapore Police Force, Pakistan authorities and Syrian Police, which hires they as a patrol car.

This generation is unveiled for Argentina on 2 March 2005 in Buenos Aires with a market establish in April.

Two Hilux pickups were entered in recent years for the Dakar Rally because of the Imperial Toyota staff of South Africa. Motorist Giniel de Villiers attained third invest 2012, second location overall in 2013, 4th in 2014, and once again 2nd invest 2015. These but had been greatly modified non-production variations built around a custom racing-only tubular chassis and utilizing a bigger capability Toyota V8 motor.

This generation normally marketed in Finland since the TruckMasters OX by Truck Masters Finland. As a result of a modified rear suspension, the automobile are registered in Finland as a light vehicle. The OX is just available with a 3.0 D-4D diesel engine.


2005 2.0 L gas VVT-i DOHC I4
2005 2.5 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4, 76 kW – 107 kW
2005 2.7 L gas VVT-i DOHC I4, 119 kW
2005 3.0 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4, Turbodiesel, commonrail 16-valve direct injection, 121 kW. This version is made at Toyota's facility in Zárate, Argentina.
2005 4.0 L gas VVT-i DOHC V6, 170 kW – 176 kW
2008 4.0 L Supercharged DOHC V6 225 kW

2008 facelift

A facelifted form of the Hilux was unveiled by Toyota's Malaysian suppliers, UMW Toyota Motor, in August 2008. Toyota has actually circulated a left-hand drive facelifted Hilux Vigo in August 2008 while the right give drive facelifted design is expected is circulated in September 2008. These facelifted versions are introduced toward Philippines in October 2008.

Toyota in addition introduced a four-door rear access system labeled as "Smart taxi" to displace all Xtra Cab brands in E and G class. The practical taxi models were created in Thailand and were best marketed inside Thai markets.
2011 facelift

On 13 July 2011, Toyota launched that Hilux would obtain an update, including a redesigned forward end along with other additional styling modifications, modifications on internal and a new turbocharged diesel system effective at 106 kW and 343 N·m of torque, and lower fuel intake when compared to previous design. This update was initially launched in Thailand.
2012 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ

The Hilux Vigo "Champ" is introduced in Thailand in August 2012 as a significant "minor" change with a brand new front looks and a revamped inside to bolster thought of luxury. Leading ended up being redesigned through the A pillar forwards. With the exception of the doors, roofing and tailgate, the rest is new: latest guards, brand-new headlights, latest bumper, newer bonnet, newer three-bar grille, latest taillights, a brand new rear bumper, newer versions badge as well as other. There have been furthermore newer mirrors and new alloy wheel design. The inner features a brand new higher dashboard design with a new horizontal center instrument cluster. Perceived quality was enhanced through use of uniformly darker completes with better color persistence for the inside. The high-end dual taxi version now included a DVD athlete, back digital camera and Bluetooth efficiency.

This lesser revision upgraded emission traditional to Euro 4, up-to-date four-speed automated transmission to five-speeds, upgraded performance associated with 3.0-liter design from 163 to 171 hp and upped torque from 343 to 360 N·m, additionally the Prerunner 4x2 is introduced with automatic transmission. More modifications included a more efficient fuel injections system additionally the improvement of a center headrest on back two fold cab seat.

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The new Toyota Hilux. Ever since its launch in 1968, this iconic pickup has left its mark wherever it goes. A redesigned frame and body structure ensures toughness and combined with the striking new design, high-quality interior and improved towing capabilities, the new Toyota Hilux is the ultimate pick-up.

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The Toyota Hilux (also stylized as HiLux and historically as Hi-Lux) is a series of light commercial vehicles produced and marketed by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.The majority of these vehicles were sold as pickup truck or cab chassis variants although they could be configured in a variety of body styles. Most countries used the Hilux name for the entire life of the series but ...

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