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Harley Davidson Sportster workshop manual

Maybe no motorcycle in Harley-Davidson’s items lineup possess ever before already been so successful and flexible given that Sportster. We possess two Sportsters, and it’s difficult to label bikes i love more, although I’ve owned 22 other motorbikes that span the

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DOES NOT include XR1200 Contents: * AMENDMENT On the 2/1 edition page X (QRD) and page 538 have been changed to note the engine oil capacity on: * 2008 - 2009 models is 2.8 qt (2.65 litre) * 2004 - 2007 models the capacity is 3.6 qt. (3.4 litre) * QUICK REFERENCE DATA * GENERAL INFORMATION Manual organization / Warnings cautions and notes / Safety / Serial numbers / Fasteners / Shop supplies / Tools / Measuring tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Basic service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Engine operating requirements / Engine starting / Engine performance / Starting system / Charging system / Ignition system / Electronic diagnostic system / Fuel system / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Clutch / Transmission / Excessive vibration / Suspension and steering / Brakes / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Fuel type / timing gears / Oil pump / Oil filter mount / Crankcase and crankshaft / Engine mounting system / Specifications * PRIMARY DRIVE CLUTCH AND EXTERNAL SHIFT MECHANISM Primary drive cover / Clutch release mechanism / Primary chain adjuster / Primary drive/clutch / Clutch cable / Shift lever considerably more details


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* Primary drive clutch and transmission * Fuel and exhaust systems * Ignition system * Steering suspension and final drive * Brakes wheels and tires * Frame and bodywork * Electrical system and wiring diagrams additional info.....

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(1983-1985) * Harley-Davidson XLS Sportster (1980-1985) * Harley-Davidson XL Sportster (1973-1977) Contents: * QUICK REFERENCE DATA * GENERAL INFORMATION * TROUBLESHOOTING * PERIODIC LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Maintenance schedule intervals / Periodic lubrication / Engine oil and filter change / Periodic maintenance / Suspension adjustment / Breaker point ignition service / Magneto / Breakerless ignition system / Carburetor adjustments * ENGINE Removal installation / Pushrods / Valves and components / Cylinder / Oil pump / Gearcase / Tappets and guides / Crankcase / Drive sprocket and seal / Engine seals / Starter drive shaft and housing / Specifications * CLUTCH PRIMARY DRIVE KICKSTARTER AND TRANSMISSION Clutch / Primary chain / Kickstarter / Transmission / Shifter mechanism / Shifter linkage / Specifications * FUEL EXHAUST AND EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEMS Air control / Specifications * ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Charging system / Magneto ignition system / Battery ignition / Ignition system / Ignition coil / Starter / Starter solenoid / Lighting system / Switches / Horn / Fuses and circuit breakers / Specifications * FRONT SUSPENSION AND STEERING Front wheel / more.....

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and notes / Safety / Serial numbers / Fasteners / Shop supplies / Tools / Measuring tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Starting the engine / Engine performance / Electrical component replacement / Starting system / Charging system / Ignition system (1986-1997 models) / Ignition system (1998-2003 models except 1200S models) / Ignition system (1998-2003 1200S models) / Fuel system / Engine noises / Engine smoke / Leakdown test / Engine lubrication / Clutch / Transmission / Electrical testing / Electronic speedometer/tachometer / Turn signal module (1991-1996 models) / Turn signal module (1997-2003 models) / Excessive vibration / Front suspension and steering / Brake problems / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Maintenance schedule / Oil and filter change / Tune-up / Air / Specifications * FUEL EMISSION CONTROL AND EXHAUST SYSTEMS (1988-2003 MODELS) Air filter backplate / Carburetor / Intake manifold / Fuel hose and clamps / Throttle and idle cables / Starting enrichment valve (choke) cable / Fuel tank / Fuel shutoff valve (1988-1994 models) / Fuel shutoff click

Maybe no motorcycle in Harley-Davidson’s items lineup possess ever before already been so successful and flexible given that Sportster.

We possess two Sportsters, and it’s difficult to label bikes i love more, although I’ve owned 22 other motorbikes that span the number from liquid cooled V-twins to V-fours, air-cooled synchronous twins to in-line fours, and shaft drive, gear drive, chain drive, SOHC, DOHC, push-rod – you name it, I owned they.

a next-door neighbor of mine teases me personally that the Sportster is the best dust cycle Harley ever made — and he’s best. The Sportster is also possibly the ideal mountain climber, drag racer, land rate racer, ice racer, roadway racer, level track racer, all-around road bike, or you-name-it bike that Harley-Davidson available.

Read an adequate amount of Harley-Davidson’s records and it rapidly becomes obvious your Sportster makes its mark in nearly every market in motorcycling. The Sporty’s capacity is so wide so it was characterized as everything from the greatest stud machine and two-wheeled street rod to an entry-level bike and great bicycle for women.

It absolutely was a Sportster motor built by Warner Riley and George Smith that powered Cal Rayborn’s world land rate record setting streamliner to 265.492 mph in 1970. And there were rest – Leo Payne built his 202.379 mph land speed record Harley around a Sportster motor in 1970; Tom Reiser captured both drag racing and slope rise brands on Sportster based machines, and Harley’s dominant level track XR750s owe their particular genetics to the Sportster.
Harley-Davidson Sportster history
2015 Harley 1200 C Personalized

The explanation for the Sportster’s do-it-all personality probably owes at least partly to the fact that the Sportster has been in continuous manufacturing since 1957, when it was launched with a brand new OHV pushrod 883 cc air cooled system.

It is often the topic of constant goods development and enhancement for 57 many years. Certainly, that means it is among the longest constantly produced bike systems on the planet.

Best 1,983 Sportsters — model designation XL — had been built in that very first full season of production, nevertheless enhanced performance the OHV engine provided throughout the side-valve flathead KH implied the midsize bicycles when you look at the number would shortly all be Sportsters—by 1958, the KH, KHK and KHR are gone.

In 1958, the standard XL was accompanied in products because of the XLH, XLC and XLCH systems with a higher compression ratio—the XLC being a racing version while the XLCH the off road version.

By 1959, the XLCH became the totally prepared street-legal hot-rod additionally the XLH came designed with high carry intake webcams.

Harley-Davidson purchasers were fast to embrace the Sportster as Harley’s earliest drop-the-hammer athletics bicycle to compete with the light, fast British twins of the belated fifties and early sixties—especially after the victory 650 cc Bonneville arrived in 1959.

By 1960, production had increasing almost 40 % from year one, climbing to 2,765 units. By 1967, production have soared to 4,500 products, 2nd only to the top the line Electra-Glide.

By 1970, the Sportster became the most truly effective manufacturing design for Harley-Davidson when 8,560 models are built; almost 1,000 more than the Electra-Glide. That year, Harley additionally introduced the XR750 – a Sportster-based model for competitors within the AMA’s course C race.

In 1974, Sportster mania reached their peak with production soaring to 23,830 products within the wake of displacement becoming bumped up from 883 cc to 1,000 cc in 1972.

In 1977 and 1978, the Sportster line included the XLCR, a factory café racer version regarding the earliest Sportster while the XLT touring bike that included Electra-Glide saddle bags, touring windshield and handlebars, thickly padded seat, taller gear ratios and larger 3.5 gallon gasoline container. Both these are fallen from the line-up by 1979.
Harley-Davidson Sportster available
In consideration of the latest AMA principles for course C race, a fresh Sportster¨-based bike, the XR 750 racer was introduced in 1970.

By 1979, Harley-Davidson dropped most of the minuscule of their bikes additionally the Sportster became the smallest displacement Harley in line-up, nevertheless at 1,000 cc.

In 1986, the Sportster got a re-fresh with return of 883 cc engine and introduction regarding the 1,100 cc engine, both based on the brand-new advancement system, whilst still being running four speed transmissions. In 1988, the Sportster range included three 883 cc variants today featuring Keihin carburetors, the 1100 cc design was bumped around 1,200 cc additionally the low seat height Hugger had been introduced.

In 1991, Sportsters finally got the five speed transmission they therefore richly deserved, rubber-mounted footpegs and gear final drive from the 883 luxurious; by 1993 belt drive is on all 883s.

Since the Sportster rolled on into the 21st century, a myriad of improvement, some not visible to the informal observer, continued to maneuver the cycle within the technologies scale. For instance, in 2000 motor and transmission internals got important updates, as did forward brake calipers, crankshaft, wheel bearings and enhanced consumption and exhaust flow resulted in better energy.

Through 2000s the Sportster species features proceeded to evolve and develop with brand new elegance and edgy build like this associated with the XR 1200 launched in 2007. Most sub-models in addition evolved, making the bicycle attract an even larger market.

For 2015, Harley offers six Sportster brands: XL1200T SuperLow, XL 883L SuperLow, XL 883N Iron 883, XL 1200C 1200 Custom, XL 1200X Forty-Eight and XL 1200V Seventy-Two.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster are a distinct motorbikes produced constantly since 1957 by Harley-Davidson. Sportster models become designated in Harley-Davidson's product rule by you start with "XL". In 1952, the predecessors to the Sportster, the design K Sport and Sport Solo motorbikes, are launched. These versions K, KK, KH, and KHK of 1952 to 1956 have a sidevalve system, whereas the subsequent XL Sportster systems incorporate an overhead valve engine. Initial Sportster in 1957 had most of the exact same details of the KH such as the frame, fenders, large gas tank and forward suspension system.
Sportster motorcycles tend to be running on a four-stroke, 45° V-twin motor for which both linking rods, of this "fork and blade" or "knife & hand" design, share a typical crank pin. The first Sportster system is the Ironhead motor, that has been replaced aided by the Evolution engine in 1986. Sportster machines, the 45 cubic inches R, D, G & W brands 1929 side-valve engines, in addition to 'Big Twin' side-valve motors, that have been: the flathead 74.0 cu in designs V, VL etc., Models U and UL, additionally the 80.0 cu in systems VH and VLH, models UH and ULH posses four individual webcams, sporting one lobe per cam.

The cam followers used in Sportster machines, K products, huge double side valve versions, and side-valve W model show are a somewhat reduced form of the followers utilized in the more expensive motors, but with similar 0.731-inch diameter human anatomy and 0.855-inch diameter roller follower since 1929. The organization made use of similar cam supporters for a long time with minor adjustment, from 1929 toward Eighties.
A typical 5-gear, foot-shift transmission on an HD Sportster

Sportster machines retained the K/KH design crankcase design, in which the transmission is within the exact same casting as the system, and driven because of the engine with a triple-row #35 string main drive and a multi-plate cable-operated clutch. Brands since 1991 has five speeds; 1990 and prior versions had four speeds.

The engine ended up being mounted straight to the frame from 1957 through the 2003 model seasons. While this system enables the bicycle is notably less heavy with an increase of accurate management, it also transmits engine vibration straight to the rider. Sportsters released in 2004 and soon after make use of rubberized isolation mounts and link backlinks to restrict engine action to an individual plane, which significantly decrease vibration believed because of the driver. Buell motorcycles designed with variants regarding the Sportster engine used a rubber mount program since 1987.

The design K, that the Sportster evolved, had been initial civilian motorcycle generated by Harley-Davidson with hydraulic surprise absorbers on both wheels. Typical consumption calls this a K Model.

1947 Harley-Davidson mod. WL 739 cc engine
Harley-Davidson 45° V-twin, Sportster Evolution engine

Sportster motorcycles tend to be run on a four-stroke, 45° V-twin engine for which both connecting rods, of "fork and knife" or "knife & hand" design, share a standard crank pin. The initial Sportster engine ended up being the Ironhead motor, that has been changed because of the development engine in 1986. Sportster engines, the 45 cubic inches R, D, grams & W versions 1929 side-valve engines, and the 'gigantic Twin' side-valve motors, of: the flathead 74.0 cu in designs V, VL etc., systems U and UL, in addition to 80.0 cu in products VH and VLH, designs UH and ULH posses four split webcams, wearing one lobe per cam.

The cam followers used in Sportster engines, K designs, larger twin side valve brands, and also the side-valve W design show were a slightly smaller type of the supporters found in the larger engines, however with the exact same 0.731-inch diameter system and 0.855-inch diameter roller follower since 1929. The business made use of comparable cam supporters for a long time with minor changes, from 1929 towards Eighties.
A normal 5-gear, foot-shift transmission on an HD Sportster

Sportster machines retained the K/KH build crankcase build, where the transmission are within the same casting since the motor, and driven by the motor with a triple-row #35 string biggest drive and a multi-plate cable-operated clutch. Brands since 1991 have actually five speeds; 1990 and previous brands have four rates.

The system ended up being mounted directly to the framework from 1957 through the 2003 model seasons. While this system allows the bike becoming significantly light with more accurate handling, it also transmits motor vibration straight to the rider. Sportsters released in 2004 and later need rubber separation mounts and tie hyperlinks to restrict system movement to an individual plane, which significantly decrease vibration believed because of the rider. Buell motorcycles constructed with variants associated with the Sportster engine have used a rubber mount system since 1987.

The design K, from where the Sportster evolved, is the first civilian motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson with hydraulic shock absorbers on both wheels. Typical use calls this a K Model.
Model K series

This is certainly created from the previous 45 W design, but with the modified flat-head motor and latest 4-speed transmission contained in the exact same castings as would get to be the Sportster. The connecting rods would be inherited because of the Sportster and a number of other design elements and dimensions.

Model K and KK 1952–1953: 750 cc side-valve machines, utilising the 45 design bore and stroke of 2.75" x 3.8125"
Design KR 1953–1969: 750 cc side-valve engines
Design KH and KHK 1954–1956: 888 cc side-valve machines, using the 45 model bore, but with the stroke risen up to 4.5625". This is basically the best little twin with an extended swing than 3.8125". The smaller swing is usually universal to the whole 45/K/Sportster range from 1929 to the current.

XL show Sportsters

XL, Ironhead, 1957–1985: 883 cc and 1,000 cc Ironhead overhead-valve engines with cast iron minds, K series framework
XLCH, Ironhead, 1958–1971: 883 cc, and 1,000 cc 1972 & up
XR-750 1970–1971: 750 cc overhead-valve motor, iron minds
XR-750 1972–1985: 750 cc overhead-valve system, alloy minds
XLCR 1977–1978-1979: Cafe racer 1,000 cc overhead-valve engine, metal minds, 2000 built in 77, 1200 in 78, and 9 in 1979
XR-1000 1983–1984: 1,000 cc road design using XR rushing cylinder mind and other XR motor parts
XLR: 883 cc overhead-valve machines, iron minds
XLS Roadster 1979-1982 1000cc ironhead / 4 speed, stock equipment—2" much longer forks, 2 up chair, sissy club, highway pegs, 3.3 gallon container
XLS Roadster, 1983-1985, 1,000 cc ironhead, 4 gallon fuel tank with console
XL, development, since 1986: 883 cc, 1,100 cc and 1,200 cc development overhead-valve system, alloy minds

Significant modifications by model seasons

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1971 900cc Boattail Sportster XLCH. This bike possess Willie grams Davidson's designed controversial fiberglass tail area, created for only two model years.
1977 Harley Davidson XLCR

1957 "Ironhead" overhead-valve motor launched.
1958 XLH touring high-compression model and XLCH sportier "Competition Hot" design launched.
1967 electricity beginning introduced on XLH
1972 "Ironhead" 1,000 cc overhead-valve engine replaces 900 cc. Advertised power ended up being 61 hp @ 6,200 rpm and a premier rate of 116 miles per hour
1975 Switched to left-side equipment changes
1977 & 1979 Dual fatigue "Siamese" pipelines put, launched on Willie G. Davidson's XLCR café racer in 1977 all brands 1979, combined with the triangular framework and back hydraulic disk brake also introduced from the XLCR. In 1977 a restricted edition Confederate version Sportster had been launched for just one seasons just.
1979 Last year the kickstart only XLCH, best 141 made.
1985 Last year when it comes to "Ironhead" overhead-valve system.
1986 "development" motor launched in 883 cc and 1,100 cc models.
1988 1200 cc system replaces 1,100 cc engine.
1988 Constant velocity carburetor replaces butterfly carburetor.
1991 Five-speed transmission replaces four-speed.
1991 buckle drive replaces string drive on 883 Deluxe and all sorts of 1200 designs.
1993 Belt drive made standard on all Sportsters.
1994 Improved oils container, power tray, and clutch made standard.
1994 unique electrical program with sealed connectors.
1995 Speedometer has become electronic, maybe not mechanical.
1996 XL1200C Custom design introduced.
1998 XL1200S gets twin spark plug minds and high performance webcams
2000 Introduced sealed wheel bearings and up-to-date four-piston brake calipers.
2003 this past year for frame mounted Evolution motor.
2004 All-new framework including rubber-mounted engine for diminished vibration. Elimination associated with transmission trap-door, brand new shape hamcan, fatigue balance pipe relocated from run underneath the air conditioner filter and disguised and hidden behind the silencers to exhibit more of engine, newer smoother style oils tank right-side panel with drive and change filler/dipstick, and earlier exposed electric battery is now enclosed in a matching part panel on the left
2005 Enlarged back axle to at least one inch for increased security.
2006 New XR1200 try established at Intermot in Cologne, Germany. The XR1200 is the first Harley-Davidson to make use of Down Draft DDFI II gasoline injection. To-be revealed as a late 2006 model. Introduction of helical gears in transmission.
2007 Fuel injection replaces carburetion on all systems.
2008 forward axle increased from 3/4 inches to 25 mm, back axle diminished from 1 inch to 25 mm
2009 "One size suits all" front mudguard approach replaced by improved mudguard contour to complement each design's respective wheel diameters.
2010 The ECU try relocated to allow most variation in aftermarket seat choice
2010 Side-mounted license plate alternative on some brands
2014 brand new electrical harness, brand new bigger brake system, antilock brakes solution, keyless entry, latest speedometer with gear indicator/tachometer, enhanced engine compression proportion, catalytic converter

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