Day 31 Caldas de Reis to Padron

18km. Another hot day, probably up to 34C today. Slightly more shade than yesterday, but unfortunately Greg was feeling unwell today … so we can rule out the tapas as he didn’t eat any! I am feeling much better, thankfully. It does seem like the Camino is putting obstacles in our path to try and stop us from actually getting to Santiago (anyone who has read Stephen King’s excellent 22.11.63 will understand what that means), but tomorrow we’ll be there, even if it means crawling the whole way on our hands and knees. We’re less than 25km away now.

A pretty easy second-to-last day of walking, apart from the heat. We just  ambled along for most of the day, stopped at the Cafe Esperon near Carrecedo for a medicinal Coca Cola for Greg, and a lemon ice tea and tortilla espagnol (potato tortilla) for me, then stopped at regular intervals after that for much-needed shade breaks, drinks of water and food.

We took our usual quantities of water – 2 x 500ml bottles for me, 2 x 750ml bottles for Greg, but had been relying on getting more at a cafe at the 12km mark at San Miguel. That didn’t work out for us as it closes between 2 – 5pm, and we walked past at 2.20, however there was a mains water fountain about 1km further on, and then another 5 fountains within the next 4km!

Tonight we’re staying at Padron, which is significant as this is where Saint James Santiago first preached the word of the Lord. So Padron was important during James’s life, and Santiago has become important after his death.

So …how does it feel that we’re now so close to our destination? Exciting, a relief nd a feeling of … finally! We’ll let you know tomorrow.

Hot water fountain in front of the hotel

Padron (click for larger version)

Padron Rio Sar (click for larger version)


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2 Responses to Day 31 Caldas de Reis to Padron

  1. ron says:

    Well done you will now be able to look back at a great journey you set out to do and have now almost completed at the end of your journey pick up something that you can always look at it tough but we made it Good One People Good ONE see you back in Beautiful Adelaide

    • Judy says:

      Thanks Fay and Ron. Yep, we’re nearly there. Just a couple more hills, a few more villages and we have to cross our old friend Highway N-550 another 5 or 6 times today.

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