Day 30 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

22km. It was a hot day 32C.  Judy woke up feeling unwell, maybe eating too much of some of that dodgy Tapas, however she soldiered on. We loaded up with extra water because it was going to be hot, and there was not much in the way of facilities between.

We crossed the bridge decorated with scallop shells and headed north. We spent the next few kilometres following the train line which is being upgraded to a high speed train line.  We spent some kilometres also walking through forest. We made it to San Amaro where we sat for an hour in the cool of the cafe to give Judy a chance to rest and recover.

The sun was hot when we left the cafe in the afternoon, and we went on to Barro, skipping the cafe this time. We did another 4 kilometres mostly in full sun, as there was no shade until be reached the N-550 where we stopped at a little cafe with nice shade, and a few other pilgrims resting as well. We had another cold drink, and then hit the road again walking through grape-vines, and passing the turn-off to another alberque a few kilometres out of Caldas de Reis.

2 km out of Caldas de Reis we found a feute (water fountain) topped up our water, and rested in the shade of a tree. We quickly covered the last 2km, spending 30 minutes wandering around looking for a hotel. We eventually got settled at the Davila (with  a hot spring out the front) at 7pm.

Bridge leaving Ponteverda with scallop shells

House wall covered in scallop shells

Special pilgrim shade (also called rail line)

walking under grape vines

Fence made of peices of granite. Posts supporting grape vines also made of granite



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3 Responses to Day 30 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

  1. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Judy especially as it it so hot. Lots of scollops must have been eaten to have covered that wall with shells. Hope today is better for you .Margaret.

  2. fay says:

    Hi to you both, keep at it. Nearly there. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday week.

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