Day 26 Rubiaes to Valenca

18km. Our last day in Portugal, and we’re feeling a bit sad that we’ll be leaving tomorrow. We had a ‘simple’ breakfast at O Repouso do Peregrino Pensao with our fellow pilgrims, then packed up and were on the road before 9am. Early for us, but we were still the last ones to leave the Pensao. A fairly easy day’s walk, on forest paths and quiet country roads …. apart from the group of men and boys on their quad bikes who roared up to the cafe at Fontoura Fuente while we were having a chat with a German pilgrim, then roared past us a couple of kms further up the road after they had finished their beers.

It was cold and cloudy, but like yesterday it never really rained for longer than a couple of minutes. Enough to make us drag out the wet weather gear, walk for a while and get hot, then take it all off again.

There are more pilgrims on the road now, as we get closer to Santiago. Interestingly, many of them feel the same way about pilgrim albergues as we do – tried that, not doing it again.

We have arrived in Valenca early enough to be able to spend some time walking around the Fortaleza, the old fortress on the Rio Minho, which marks the northern border between Portugal and Spain.

Valenca and the hills of spain in the distance

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4 Responses to Day 26 Rubiaes to Valenca

  1. ron says:

    Portugal built roads they did not need the Irish built houses thy did not need now both have money troubles who built the old bridge and when?? when is it going to be bacon and eggs must be a lot of Pigs in P KEEP MARCHING ON

  2. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Judy and Greg , We have throughly enjoyed following your trip through Portugal. The sort of holiday Derick and I would have enjoyed when we were your age . Oh to be young again with the world at your fingertips. Can’t wait till your next adventure.Margaret xx

    • Judy says:

      Stick around a bit longer, Margaret. We’ll still be walking for another 10 days or so. 6 more days to get to Santiago, another 4 to Finisterre, then a couple of non-walking days in Madrid.

  3. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Buenos dias Judy & Greg.
    Have never been to mainland Spain but have been to several Spanish speaking islands so have had to learn a few words, mostly forgotten now. Your sleeping pattern is rather like mine , I need 8 solid hours. The differents is I am an early riser.
    Have a good day . Margaret

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