Day 24 Casa do Rio to Ponte de Lima

20km. Stage 2 of splitting the Barcelos to Ponte de Lima 33.6km stage into two parts. After a fabulous breakfast (see Judys post here), we left at a late 11am. The morning had started cool and misty, but no rain. We headed the 1km back to the Camino route from Casa do Rio (large map with directions here, detailed map here),

We met  a Swiss pilgrim who like us had started from Lisbon, except that he had started about ten days after us!

We walked on a lot of farm tracks, we passed the church at Vitorino do Plaes, but missed the turnoff to the cafe. We climbed up over a saddle and then dropped down into the Lima valley, getting a view of the 400m high hills we will be climbing tomorrow. We stopped at a cafe, then continued along a string of villages towards Ponte de Lima. We noted how many women drove tractors. South of Porto we had never seen a woman drive a tractor.

We followed the banks of the Lima River to arrive at Hotel Imperio de Minho to find it ws closed for renovations, the second hotel on this camino that we have found closed.

We looked for Pensao Beira Rio, but could find no sign or indication that anyone wanted guests. So on further to Pensao Sao Joao where we found a room and settled in. We went out later to a Pizzeria near the river, and walked back to the Pensoa in light rain, more of which is expected tomorrow.

Dry stone walls

Grape vines over the road


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  1. BEV SNOW says:

    wonderful pics. and dialogue. BEV

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