Even though Lugo is on the map above with the Camino line going through it, it isn’t actually on the Camino Frances (French Camino) route that we were walking. So we weren’t going to be visiting Lugo on this trip. Ironically, we have ended up spending more time in Lugo than anywhere else in Spain.

The city was originally founded by the Romans around about 2000 years ago. They left a few lasting legacies, including a bridge, Roman baths and a beautifully preserved (or perhaps very well restored) City Wall which goes right around the city centre. I’ve been fascinated by this wall since we arrived here, and have spent a lot of time walking around its perimetre, walking on top of it, going through its gates and up & down its stairs. For someone who comes from such a young country as Australia, it’s amazing to see something so old AND in such good condition.

The Romans left their mark in other ways too – one of the small plazas in the city was probably the site of the original forum, and the cathedral was built over the foundations of 2 earlier basilicas.

This post is a work in progress – will post more when I get time

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