Day 34 La Portela de Valcarce to O’Cebreiro

Today was another big climb. We had to get up the Valcare valley from 600 metres to 1330 metres at O’Cebreiro. Another great 10 hour + sleep (in bed by 8pm) , left us refreshed in the morning. We got going in another cold but clear and sunny day. We found a pandaria (bakery) very early and bought some cakes, bread and brownies. We were passed by a Canadian family who were traveling on bikes with two little kids in a trailer, and one behind the mother on a trailer bike. It has something to see, and in the end they made it all the way up the hill.

We passed though  Vega de Valcarce, finding not one but two Supermercados (supermarket /convenience store). Getting closer to Santiago we find more and more Albergues and shops. It is very different from 300km back on the Mesata where we struggled to even get a baguette. We went 2 days once before we could buy bread.

We stopped in the sun for some Internet access, and then continued on upwards. We made it to La Faba for a rest. Later on about 1.5 km from La Faba I realised I had left my walking poles outside the shop where we had stopped at La Faba. I walked back, to find only one walking pole left. Some pilgrim is walking the Camino with one of my walking poles.

It was incredibly green. The hillsides are covered in green grass, grazed on by dairy cows.  We got to O’Cebreiro, leaving the Junta of Leon y Castillo, which we had been traveling through for weeks, and entering Galecia. The rest of the day was sunny, but as soon as the sun was covered in cloud, it was cold.

Judy buying books on eBay

leaving the A-6 highway, many metres above us

Cows in Herrerias, in the main street

Judy climbing towards La faba

The view from O'Cebreiro 1330 metres

monastery at O'Cebreiro where we stayed. Ours is the room with washing hanging out

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3 Responses to Day 34 La Portela de Valcarce to O’Cebreiro

  1. barbara says:

    This is a lovely area. We walked thru it in spring and it was very pretty. I imagine autumn would be as lovely.

  2. ron spurgin says:

    Judy you have done it the other day a lovely blue bed wall to the lovely green wall of a house. Quote Like life we all have to climb moutains. You are doing well Ron

  3. Sue says:

    Well I must admit that I had to go back and check it but yep, there it was … my FFOTD (“favourite find of the day”): that gorgeous photo – lush mountains, street scene, beautiful green-walled house against which Jude is sitting AND the the caption underneath which says: “Judy buying books on eBay”!!!

    Fantastic stuff!

    Keep going, you two, amazing and inspiring souls!