Day 28 San Martin del Camino to Astorga

500km walked only 300km to go

We had a good nights sleep at the Ana Albergue, with not many people sleeping in the main room, and those wanting to leave early doing so quietly.

We set off at 8:15am, just after dawn, heading towards Hospital de Orbigo. Unfortunately the first 7km were still along the N-120, with lots of traffic. We got into Hospital de Orbigo, and crossed the Medievil Puente (bridge) built in the 13th century replacing an earlier Roman bridge. We obtained some lunch supplies, and when leaving bumped into Matt, a New Zealander we had last seen at dinner in Pamplona three weeks earlier. It is amazing how we keep bumping into pilgrims we thought had traveled way ahead of us, but we have caught up with.

We left Hospital, moving through Villares de Orbigo (ice cream stop), and then for lunch at Santibanez de Valdeiglesia. Judy is still having problems with a big blister on her heel, that has expanded up her ankle, so she spent time trying to improve things.

It was then an afternoon walk over the hills (away from roads!) until we got a great view of Astorga and the mountains behind Astoga. The mountains interest us, because over the next 3-4 days we are going to have to climb over them. We have been walking on relatively flat land for so many days, we wonder if we still have hill climbing muscles left

We slogged through suburbia (always tiring at the end of a day) into the old city of Astorga. We are staying in the main square (Plaza Mayor). We did 24.5km today.

Walking in cornfields towards Hospital de Orbigo

Looking towards Astoga in the distance, and the mountains we have to climb in the next few days

plaza mayor astorga

Things start to get busy at 7pm on Plaza Mayor Astorga - view from our hotel balcony

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5 Responses to Day 28 San Martin del Camino to Astorga

  1. barbara says:

    We spent an afternoon in that plaza. I have aphoto of a group of old ladies on the one of the benches. I took the photo from a distance and then went and asked if I could take a photo. They refused and were not happy at all that I even thought about photographing them. Several others had tried to photograph them and been told off. I’ll send a copy of the photo to your email.
    Beun camino

  2. Sue says:

    500 already walked and “only” 300 to go …. what an achievement …. and what an understatement! One of the most incredible things, though, is to note your words that mountains behind Astoga “interest” you. Setting the physical feat aside for just a moment, I am struck by your amazing attitude and how, despite the considerable challenges, blisters, injuries, occasional lack of accommodation, food, sleep etc etc, you are quite literally able to take everything in your stride(s)! Keep going, stay strong and WELL DONE!

    • Judy says:

      Aww, thanks Sue. It’s really only putting one foot in front of the other … over and over and over again. I’m far more impressed with you running the City to Surf. I don’t think I could ever do that. Actually, at the moment I don’t think I could run any distance whatsoever!

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