Day 23 Caldadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun

Half way there!

A fairly quiet day today, 21.5 kms on flat, straight paths. We had to wear our rain gear – raincoats and pack covers – for most of the day, although it only rained intermittently and even then it wasn’t particularly heavy.

We do have a reason for celebrating today, however. We passed the halfway point an hour or so after setting off this morning. 400kms! We celebrated by eating cupcakes for breakfast by the side of the road.

We wandered through a few small villages where the site of a passing pilgrim may well have been the highlight of the day. Yep they were really small and really quiet, but interesting for the mud brick builder (to those who don’t know us well, that’s Greg, not me) as many of the buildings are built from mud bricks, rammed earth or cob. Some are in extreme disrepair, and some are being renovated or repaired.

Tonight we’re staying at Sahagun, which is where the Camino de Madrid joins the Camino Frances (the French Camino, the route we’re doing). Tomorrow we have a 30km day planned, then a slightly shorter one on Sunday when we walk into Leon, and a rest day on Monday.

PS For our loyal readers who are following us each day, please check back to Day 20 Hontantas to St Nicolas. It took me a little while, but I have now added some text to Greg’s photos.

Having cupcakes for breakfast - celebrating 400kms and half-way!

a mud brick (adobe) building being given a brick veneer

walking in the rain and cold towrds Sahagun

What we do all day, following the yellow arrows.

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