Day 19 Rabe de las Calzados to Hontanas

Gorgeous day today, starting off cold with a maximum forecast of 26, but while we walked there was enough breeze to keep it pleasant and cool. We set off from the ‘opital/auberge a bit after 7am with the morning star still bright in the sky and just enough light for us to see where we were walking. The sun rose directly behind us at just before 8am. We had planned on walking either 19 or 25kms today, intending to decide whether to stay or walk on when we got to the town at the 19km mark. Unfortunately the tendonitis gremlin has struck me in the left foot, and Greg’s right foot still isn’t completely better, so that helped us make our decision. We got to Hontanas just after 1pm, so we’re feeling a bit slack, but our feet need the rest so we’ve stopped walking for the day. And I can imagine that a few of you are wondering what kind of alternate reality we’re living in that we think walking 19kms before lunch is a ‘slack day’, but past and present pilgrims will get what I mean. Walking the camino certainly changes one’s perception of distance. At home if I had to walk 900 metres, I’d think ‘oh my goodness, that’s almost a kilometre and it will take me forever’. Now I just think ‘oh, good, that will only take about 15 minutes’ …. or less if I’m not carrying my rucksack.

Our shadows at dawn, we had been walking in the pre-dawn light for an hour

Walking into Hontanas

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3 Responses to Day 19 Rabe de las Calzados to Hontanas

  1. fay says:

    Great picture, the shadows. Will take that one, been doing my yearly DVD, have taken several. 19 Ks by 1pm. Wow!

  2. Christ'l says:

    your pictures show us the real Camino! I’m so happy for you that you still manage to walk every day, even wenn the feet are hurting (I know the feeling)! Great job!!

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