Day 18 Burgos to Rabe de las Calzados

Again (because of the hotel room) we slept late, but we knew we did not have far to walk. The weather has been sunny but windy, and cool, which is nice for walking.

Leaving around 10am we left Burgos stopping for breakfast a a bakery along the way. Leaving Burgos was much nicer than entering Burgos. We walked though a park, past a gaol, and soon we were back in the country-side. We stopped for Lunch in Tarjardos. Walking from Tarjardos to Rabe, we met Maria, who gave us advice on the best Albergue to stay in at Rabe.

We are staying at the Santa  Marina albergue, after walking a mere 12km.

Sitting outside the Albergue writing the blog

Judy's white feet

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