Day 17 Burgos

Today we are experiencing an interruption to our regular program, otherwise known as a rest day. A few reasons for this – Greg needs to rest his foot, we’ve been walking for 11 days straight and we’re in Burgos which has the fabulous World Heritage-listed Cathedral.

So we slept in this morning until the outrageously late time of just after 8am, messed around on the internet reading emails and checking out important stuff like Spain’s time zone (Greg will post more on this later, stay tuned folks). We Skyped Greg’s mum and dad from just outside the hotel and were able to show them a bit of the nearby Cathedral and other bits of local scenery. We ambled off to breakfast at 10.30, wandered around the Cathedral which is truly magnificent, and had lunch at 3pm. It’s a good thing we’re not spending our entire trip in such relaxed holiday mode or we’d both be morbidly obese, but it’s nice to spend a day like this every now and then.

Our Belgian friends Jan and Christl are going home tonight and came to visit us. I’m sorry they are finishing their camino and hope they get to come back and finish it next year. Quite a few of the pilgrims we have met are finishing in Burgos, and in the days ahead it will be interesting to see who we meet up with again, and the new friends we make.

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