Using walking poles on the Camino de Santiago

I have used walking poles (hiking poles) in Tasmania on 2 bushwalks, and found them very useful on the uneven South Coast and Port Davey tracks. However I have not used them to their best advantage as I have on the Camino. If you read Petes Pole Pages you will find a good description for the best use of walking poles. I have found it reduces the load on your feet, and helps you ascend hills, and make descents safer.

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2 Responses to Using walking poles on the Camino de Santiago

  1. Janet Flisher says:

    WOW Judy you look like you are enjoying every minute of this trip – can’t wait to see your feet after you finish the walk. Loving all your posts and descriptions. Kind regards Janet

    • Judy says:

      Hey there Janet, glad you’re enjoying our travels. You’re right, we are indeed enjoying every minute of it. I must get Greg to take a photo of my feet in their current state. It looks like I’m wearing white ankle socks, and the rest of my legs are turning brown.