Day 14 Santo Domingo de La Calzada to Belorado

Another cool day, and another long(ish) walk of 23kms – much easier to do in cooler weather than the hotter days of last week. We seem to be coping better with the longer distances now, and don’t need lots of ‘lie down’ recovery time at the end of the day. Today we walked a lot on dirt tracks beside the main road, which had a constant stream of trucks. Unlike the last couple of days where we walked mostly through farmland with few villages along the way, today we passed through a town or village every few kilometres.

We seemed to walk uphill a lot today, gradually gaining altitude – we’ll be walking at 1500 metres again in a few days. We’re currently at 770 metres. The countryside has changed from the vineyards of La Rioja region to the vast wheat fields of Castilla y Leon.

Lots of cyclists passed us today, and there seem to be a lot staying at the aubergue we’re at tonight. We’re doing the pilgrim thing tonight, after the last 3 nights in hotel/hostel rooms, and staying in a room with 16 others in double bunks. We know we’ll be woken early by the early morning ‘plastic bag shuffle’, but we need to make an early start tomorrow to walk a couple more kms than we’ve been doing, and leaving early is our best chance at getting a bed at the other end.

Judy taking a "path of desire" (a shortcut) across a wheatfield

a sign showing us the details of the Camino de Santiago over the next 400km crossing Castilla y Leon

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  1. helen scales says:

    Hi You Two
    Im really enjoying your trip keep it up.I hope your feet are surving. Helen