Day 12 Navarette to Najera

The dangers of staying in a hotel room. We slept in late, not leaving until nearly 10am. Another hot day, again about 30C.

Filling water bottles at the fuente (water fountain)

Judy got pan (bread) from the local bakery, and we found a nice seat in shade outside the cementario to have late breakfast.  The camino path didn’t quite follow the guide we had, and we spent a long time walking along a path next to the freeway. We had taken about 3 litres of water between us, but we were to find that this wasn’t enough. So many pilgrims take very little water, maybe 500ml for 8km of walk in hot sun. We heard a story of 2 american girls that just took cups to drink out of every fuente (water fountain). If its 8km between fountains though you can get into trouble, as they did. Too many pilgrims skimp on carrying water to save weight, and do not appreciate the dangers. We were asked on this stretch for water from another pilgrim.  It must be because we come from Australia, and appreciate the dangers of not enough water.

We made to Najera at 4pm having walked 17km.

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