Day 11 Viana to Navarette

After a good night in the Santa Maria albergue (highly recommended), we set off into the cool morning at the unhead of time of 7:20am.

We headed out across the plains towards Logrono. It was Sunday and almost everything in Logrono was closed. We now see how walking on concrete and roads is so much harder on the feet than walking on dirt paths. Walking across town was hard on the feet. It was warm again, but we did get some shade from the buildings.

We stopped for an ice cream (and cafe for judy) at a kiosk at the Planto de La Granjera.

The afternoon was hot again (30C) as we walked up the hill towards Navarette. We had booked a hotel room in Naverette, which we need to do every few days so we can get a decent nights sleep.

We had tapas and dinner at Bar Deportivo, which was fantastic, well worth the 12 euros each for 3 courses. Total distance 23km

the concrete walking track leaving Logrono. The track is so hard on the feet that thousands of pilgrims have worn a track in the dirt next to the track

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