Day 10 Los Arcos to Viana

Today was similar to yesterday, but with an earlier start. When we stay in albergues, our fellow pilgrims tend to wake early (and then often stuff around for hours before they actually set off for the day, dunno what they do, or why they wake so early) so we had started walking by 8am. We passed through a couple of villages early in the day, then spent the rest of the day walking through farmland, mostly grapes, olives and almonds. Tonight we’re staying at a parish refugio in Viana, our first since Roncesvalles. The refugio is in a corner of the church grounds, and we’ll go to Mass tonight at Iglesia Santa Maria, then share our evening meal with our fellow pilgrims. There is a fiesta in the town square beside the church and there is a very festive, happy vibe outside.

about 300 sheep and 20 goats being led from the front by a Shepherd on the Camino trail. The dogs were also in front. There were no people or dogs at the rear, the sheep and goats just followed the shepherd.

Our beds in the Viana Albergue

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