Day 7 – Zariquiegui to Puente La Reina

We got going about 8:30am (last as usual) and headed up the hill to Alto del Perdon.

The path up to Alto del Purdon - with Wind Turbines on the ridge

The whole ridge is covered in Wind Turbines, and there was  a monument to pilgrims at the top.

We continued down the other side, standing clear occasionally to avoid the mountain bike riders that are also doing the Camino (although much faster than us).

Along the side of the paths are lots of plants, including Blackberries, that as we get further west, are more likely to be ripe.

Judy had a cafe solo grande (long black coffee) in Utegra, and we detoured to Eunate to see an octaganol church that was linked to the knights templar.

We had lunch that we carried with us, and then continued via Obanos, and then to Puente La Reina, where we had a buffet dinner. The was the first buffet dinner in Spain, as normally thay operate on a fixed 3 course menu. Total of 17km for the day.

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