Wireless broadband internet on the Camino

We have carried a netbook computer with us on the Camino. We are both online retailers, so we need to keep in touch with our websites and customers – even if its only in a limited way. We purchased a Yoigo usb modem from The Phone House in Pamplona. The Phone House is at Avda. Carlos III 67 31002 Pamplona, which is easy to find. There were some difficulties setting it up (probably more related to our netbook than the usb dongle). It now works fine. We have with the current deal 100mb a day for 3 Euro. We will see how it goes.

A couple of blogs and forums with useful infomation on spanish broadband are The Laptop Junction with information on the bleeding edge of traveling with a laptop, and the prepaid gsm forum, which will probably have new deals.


Well we have been using Yoigo for about 2 weeks and it is working well. Only once have be blown our 100Mb download limit, and that was when we were stationary for one day. We have been charged 2 Euro a day, which is the current deal with Yoigo if you recharge more than 20 Euros. We have had mostly fast broadband with only a few out of the way places giving us only GPRS, or sometimes EDGE. GPRS has been more common in the mesata – between Burgos and Fromista. However GPRS has been fine for email, especially if we use the Flock brower rather than Firefox.

You can check you remaining balance on MyYoigo, and we successfully recharged our account online at Yoigo

UPDATE 2: We completely lost mobile broadband between Santa Catalina de Somoza and Molinseca. we could pick up an EDGE signal, but it either would not connect or would not stay connected. Once we got down the mountains to Molinaseca we got back to full rate mobile broadband.

Greg outside The Phone House Pamplona

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  1. ron spurgin says:

    HI people from a cold and very wet Adelaide you seem to be coasting now the food seems to be ok surprised there was any berries on the bushes that they had not been taken for jam but perhaps people do not do that anymore

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