Day 24 Denver Colorado to Hardin Montana

After deciding that since Yellowstone National park opened for spring on Friday morning, we would detour (2,000km) to Yellowstone National park.

After our snow problems getting into Colorado, we were wary of getting caught by snow along the route. The shortest route according to google maps took us through Teton Pass, which according to the webcam was covered in snow. So we decided to go via I-25 north into Wyoming, and then across the I-90 to Gardiner.

Wyoming is even more rural than Kansas.

Big Horn mountains in Wyoming

2 comments to Day 24 Denver Colorado to Hardin Montana

  • Sally

    You’re sure covering some territory . I heard about the tornados causing damage across numerous states . Nth Carolina experienced 62 tornados just last night. One night !! Stay safe . Salx

    • Judy

      We’re actually feeling pretty lucky that we just avoided the storms and snow as we travelled west, Sal. The highway was closed at the Kansas/Colorado border because of snow the morning after we drove through it, and it was snowing when we were there too. We’re just on the edge of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, overlooking a magnificent mountain range with snow-topped peaks. Off to explore Yellowstone tomorrow. I’ll keep a look out for Yogi Bear! We saw some biffalo-buffalo-bisons this afternoon