Day 26 Yellowstone National Park

Geysers. Steam. Bison. Mule Deer. No grizzly bears, thank goodness. Cold. 6 different kinds of snow. Hot water ponds. Yellowstone Grand Canyon. Old Faithful.

If I was clever, I could write a poem. But I’m not, so I’ve just shared a few random words about our day in Yellowstone National Park. It was definitely worth the 2000 km detour.

Dodging for Bisons. We had to weave through four different herds of bison walking along the roads in Yellowstone

45 degrees from the equator

Snow in Yellowstone


The roads inside Yellowstone had only been opened three days before

The boardwalks were still covered in a 1 metre cover of snow and ice


Old Faithful Geyser

5 comments to Day 26 Yellowstone National Park

  • fay

    You made it, great, what time did old faithful blow?

    • Judy

      3.33pm, Fay. We were lucky – only had to wait about 10 minutes after we got to the Old Faithful Visitor Centre

  • fay

    Good, there is a lot of snow though. But, it a wonderful sight there with the bison.

  • ron

    Hello people nature is a wonderful thing Old Faithful blows day in day out on time if only mankind could be as consistent what did you think of the wooden building pity the snow still covered so much of the park

  • ron

    Just to add it, is one place in life you have the good fortune to go to but never to forget YELLOWSTONE