Day 29 Las Vegas Nevada

We are staying for 3 days in Las Vegas, in a place we have stayed at before, the Jockey Club on the strip. When we stayed here six years ago, it was a couple of buildings with a huge carpark around it, next to the Bellagio Casino.

The Jockey Club in 2007 after we last stayed.

Las Vegas being Las Vegas, therre is always something new being built. We booked into the Jockey Club online, then drove down the strip to find not one, but two Casinos had been built near it.

The Jockey Club, now surrounded by the Cosmopolitan Casino

Its a great place to stay. We have a suite with a kitchen (a bid step up from camping or motel 6), and its right on the Strip.

We had been saving up our pennies. (We are so glad Australia got rid of 1 and 2 cent pieces, they are such a pain), to play on the slots (pokies). However we found pokies don’t take 1 cent pieces (pennies) anymore so we each inserted a dollar note. Greg lost his dollar within 2 minutes, while Judy won $124.

Just part of the Bellagio Flower Garden- all inside





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