Day 25 Hardin Montana to Gardiner Montana

We arrived too late at the Little Big Horn National Battlefield monument to see it, so we drove 20km further onto Hardin, intending to return the next day.

The reason I was so interested in visiting Little Big Horn, the site of Custers last stand, was this game I played as a kid in the 1960s/1970s:

Battle of the Little Big Horn game


We drove the 20km back to the Little Big Horn Battlefield memorial. There is a visitors centre with a history of the battle. The most impressive thing is the headstones of Custers soldiers (and indian warriors) scattered around the battlefield marking the place they fell.

Custers last stand. The hill, and the memorial at the top of the hill.


We then headed west on the I-90 towards Billings Montana.  The weather has been cold, and windy, but not much rain (and no snow!). We left the I-90 at Livingston to head south towards Gardiner the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Along the way we found some Bison wandering over the road:

Bison wandering next to the road (and on the road) on the way to Gardiner Montana

Mountains north of Yellowstone



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