Stockholm arrival

We arrived in Stockholm at Arlanda airport on time, after leaving home 30 hours before. We waited at the luggage carousel and got our first bag (mostly camping equipment), but the second bag never appeared. We were waiting with a few other people whose bags also didn’t appear, and after a about twenty minutes we found out that they were never going to appear. We found out one of our two bags was sitting at Heathrow Terminal 5.

We put in a form for the missing bag, and then got a Taxi from the airport to Kista. We has a great Iraqi taxi driver who not only took us to the right place but rang George the person we were meeting to make sure that it was the right place. Every Swedish person we have met so far has been very friendly.

We are staying in an apartment in Kista that we arranged on AirBNB. It is basically student accommodation in a building over the top of the Galleria shopping centre. The apartment is an Ikea size 25 square metres, but it has a kitchen so we can save some money cooking food ourselves. There are 3 supermarkets in Galleria, and prices are similar in most cases to Australian supermarket prices.

The 25 square metre apartment

The 25 square metre apartment


Judy choosing bread in a stockholm supermarket




12 thoughts on “Stockholm arrival

    • It will be fine, Mon. We know that it’s in the same country as us now, and hopefully it will be delivered this afternoon. We’ve been very lucky with not losing luggage, although I remember one of the early trips Greg and I took together to Thailand. We took a folding kayak and had sent it across as freight, intending for it to arrive in Bangkok at about the same time as us. It took a week (and a bribe!) to get it out of customs.

  1. Hi Judy , So you are on your way . Looking forward to our virtual holiday with you . Have fun. Love Margaret xx

    • Thanks Margaret. We’ve done the initial important stuff – found a supermarket and worked out how to use public transport. ABBA Museum today, world’s largest Ikea tomorrow

  2. Pleased you arrived safely . I hope the airline finds the bags and delivers them to your door !
    Raining heavily today again . I think that makes 10 days straight now . See you’re wearing a tee shirt Jude . Is it nice and warm for camping ? Sal xx

    • Hi Sal, temperatures are in the low 20s, so definitely shorts-n-tshirt weather. Our bag is being delivered to us this afternoon … we hope! At least we know it’s in the same country as us. J xx

  3. Yah – another holiday for me, well a virtual one anyway. Enjoy and can’t wait for more

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for dropping by. We’re going to Ikea today to worship at the Temple of Flat Pack

  4. Hi You two, glad everything is going well, you are missing all the politics here, you may be back in time to vote?

    • Hi Fay, we got to hear all about the spill the night before we left, and surely Rudd won’t call an earlier election … will he?

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