The trip’s theme song

Seems like we have to have a theme song for each adventure. We used Toto’s Africa for the last trip, and I got stuck on ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, until Char suggested Paul Simon’s ‘Under African Skies’, which is perfect. Thanks Char. xx

Under Africal Skies – Paul Simon

3 thoughts on “The trip’s theme song”

  1. Hi Judy & Greg

    Hope all is well. Trip sounds interesting so far. Dymp says to say hi.

    For a trip theme, you could also consider “The Great Heart” by Johnny Clegg. He is a British-born muso (and I think an anthropologist) living in South African who incorporates a lot of African themes into his music and has recorded heavily with South African musicians. Youtube link:


    1. Hi Wayne, Dymp and Ollie! Thanks for the song suggestion, I’ll add it to the page when we get some internet access (we’re sitting in a Wimpy cafe at the moment, trying to get heaps done in a very short timeframe) Love to you all xx

  2. Hadn’t heard this song before although I do like to listen to Paul Simon but much prefer his son Harper x

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