Nine Mile point to Lambert point

It rained for a lot of last night. When I woke up it was still drizzling. I had breakfast in the tent and packed up between showers. I headed south into a headwind,  however I had the spray deck on and was reasonably warm and dry. Every point I pass has a large number of pelicans standing around seemingly doing nothing, while the black swans and ducks are out in the water looking for food. The sun came out so I stopped to charge up some batteries with the solar panels on the side of a sand dune.

After a charging session the cloud cover returned,  and I headed south against the wind. I became grounded a couple more times having to walk the kayak into deeper water. There are more reefs. The reefs are like huge lumps of coral that appear in shallow water.

I found a nice secluded valley in the dunes again covered in grass (which I think is couch) which made a great camp site.


Pelicans taking it easy on the shallows at the end of a point


Topping up the batteries with the solar panels. It has been so cloudy for days I have not been able to charge batteries.


Dusk at camp

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