Opposite Policemans Point to Salt Creek

It was an amazing day

I woke up to heavy dew and fog. I dawdled getting going because the tent and everything else was wet. However I could not put it off any longer, and I set off in the fog.

The fog was so thick that as soon as I got far enough out [...]

Tatunda to opposite Policemans Point

My early start was foiled by a non-working mobile phone. It was a damp morning with lots of dew. I got going by 8:30 am and after some initial easterly winds it settled down to a fabulous day. I covered 17km before the afternoon sea breeze started at 12:30pm, but it was not that strong.I [...]

Hells Gate to near Tatunda Bay

Improved weather this morning. I got through Hells Gate quite easily. I was worried about currents and wind which might make it very difficult. It was all good, and I got through with no problems. The great weather continued and I faced a gentle headwind. I got past Cow Island and Long island (which is [...]

Mount Anderson to Hells Gate

I am 2km south of Mount Anderson. I only managed 10km today measured straight line via the GPS, but I probably did more weaving between islands. It was very windy, with me sometimes pushing into 40cm waves. I progressed slowly stopping for a rest on goat island,which didn’t have any goats.

However it might have [...]

Lambert Point to Mount Anderson

Another cold and wet day. I struggled south against the headwind but did not get as far as I hoped. I wanted to get close to Hells Gate which is a narrowing of the Coorong that separates the North and Southern parts of the Coorong. I wanted to try getting through Hells Gate in the [...]

Lambert Point rest day

My arms were too tired so it was time for a rest day. It has been a cloudy day, but the sun did come out a bit in the afternoon. I had a look around Lambert Point (I am camped about 300 metres south). The guidebook I have says that some of the survivors of [...]