Nine Mile point to Lambert point

It rained for a lot of last night. When I woke up it was still drizzling. I had breakfast in the tent and packed up between showers. I headed south into a headwind, however I had the spray deck on and was reasonably warm and dry. Every point I pass has a large number of [...]

Gnurling Point to Nine Mile Point

It’s been a cold overcast day, with rain a couple of times. The tide had gone out so it was difficult to drag the kayak back to the water. I paddled across the coorong to look at the Tauwitchere barrage. Water was flowing out of the barrage so Lake Alexandria must be reasonably full. When [...]

Hindmarsh Island to Gnurling point

There were lots and lots of boats on the water around Hindmarsh Island. The area around the Murray mouth also had some tricky currents, and the ocean waves made it partway into the mouth. Once I got to the other side of the mouth I beached the kayak and fixed the rudder.

It [...]