Gnurling Point to Nine Mile Point

It’s been a cold overcast day,  with rain a couple of times. The tide had gone out so it was difficult to drag the kayak back  to the water. I paddled across the coorong to look at  the Tauwitchere barrage. Water was flowing out of the barrage so Lake Alexandria must be reasonably full. When I got to the southern end of the barrage I found a seal trying to get something from underneath the water.

I continued south,  but got grounded on shallow sections that were too shallow even for the kayak. It looked strange to be 500 metres out into the coorong walking in ankle deep water. There are still a few sailboats around mored on the Young husband peninsula side. It must be difficult for the yachts when I am having trouble in the kayak.

I stopped for lunch on a little beach,  and then pushed on a couple more hours. I camped on another sheltered grassy camps site. I am fairly tired with sore arms. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.



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