Opposite Policemans Point to Salt Creek

It was an amazing day

I woke up to heavy dew and fog. I dawdled getting going because the tent and everything else was wet. However I could not put it off any longer, and I set off in the fog.

The fog was so thick that as soon as I got far enough out [...]

Tatunda to opposite Policemans Point

My early start was foiled by a non-working mobile phone. It was a damp morning with lots of dew. I got going by 8:30 am and after some initial easterly winds it settled down to a fabulous day. I covered 17km before the afternoon sea breeze started at 12:30pm, but it was not that strong.I [...]

Hells Gate to near Tatunda Bay

Improved weather this morning. I got through Hells Gate quite easily. I was worried about currents and wind which might make it very difficult. It was all good, and I got through with no problems. The great weather continued and I faced a gentle headwind. I got past Cow Island and Long island (which is [...]

Mount Anderson to Hells Gate

I am 2km south of Mount Anderson. I only managed 10km today measured straight line via the GPS, but I probably did more weaving between islands. It was very windy, with me sometimes pushing into 40cm waves. I progressed slowly stopping for a rest on goat island,which didn’t have any goats.

However it might have [...]

Nine Mile point to Lambert point

It rained for a lot of last night. When I woke up it was still drizzling. I had breakfast in the tent and packed up between showers. I headed south into a headwind, however I had the spray deck on and was reasonably warm and dry. Every point I pass has a large number of [...]

Gnurling Point to Nine Mile Point

It’s been a cold overcast day, with rain a couple of times. The tide had gone out so it was difficult to drag the kayak back to the water. I paddled across the coorong to look at the Tauwitchere barrage. Water was flowing out of the barrage so Lake Alexandria must be reasonably full. When [...]

Hindmarsh Island to Gnurling point

There were lots and lots of boats on the water around Hindmarsh Island. The area around the Murray mouth also had some tricky currents, and the ocean waves made it partway into the mouth. Once I got to the other side of the mouth I beached the kayak and fixed the rudder.

It [...]