Hindmarsh Island to Gnurling point


There were lots and lots of boats on the water around Hindmarsh Island.  The area around the Murray mouth also had some tricky currents, and the ocean waves made it partway into the mouth.  Once I got to the other side of the  mouth I beached the kayak and fixed the rudder. 

It was easier going after that. I was sheltered behind the sand dunes,  and having a working rudder made it easier to paddle straight.  As I was carrying 18litres of water I did not have much spare room,  the excess stored in a deck bag on the hull behind me. Unfortunately the deck bag also caught the wind pushing  me off course.

The boats continued,  with water skiers flashing past 20 metres away,  leaving me to travel through their wake.  I stopped again at Geoffrey’s Landing where there were a few people camped with their ski boats,  as there are toilets there. I continued paddling on and finally left most of the boats.  I passed mosquito bay,  and then ran into another bunch of yachts and fishing boats all bunched together in a small area,  some with tents camped on the shore.  The next inlet was marked on the map as shallow so with the advantage of a kayak that will float in very shallow water I headed  to shore to find a camp site. The edge was a bit marshy but further in was soft grass that had been nicely grazed by the kangaroos.  There are a lot of large Kangaroos around here that I don’t every remember seeing before in the coorong.

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