Mount Anderson to Hells Gate

I am 2km south of Mount Anderson. I only managed 10km today measured straight line via the GPS, but I probably did more weaving between islands. It was very windy, with me sometimes pushing into 40cm waves. I progressed slowly stopping for a rest on goat island,which didn’t have any goats.

However it might have been cool, but it was my first sunny day, with all the cloud gone by lunchtime The cool weather has been good minimizing my water consumption, so my water supplies are still good

I gave up at 4;30pm because I was almost at Hells Gates, and I would have to do another 4km before I would be able to camp. Its all very shallow here, I had to walk the kayak a couple of times, however I did see my first boat in 2 days.

Finally through Hells Gate tomorrow.

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  • ron

    If the weather people are correct you should have good days from now on I guess pic is the setting sun should send it to chan io news as a weather picture do you wont us to pick you up at spot other than were we dropped you ???

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